Nov 19, 2017 TinyMod Announcement

Are you looking for some new Heroes of the Storm streams to check out? Fear not! Heroes Lounge has many streamers that provide quality Heroes of the Storm content for your entertainment. To help put these streamers into the spotlight, we’re officially announcing our brand new group of Community Streamers! You can recognize them by this shiny new badge on their twitch profile.

You will find these streamers being hosted regularly by us from now on. This is our way of trying to stimulate the Heroes community and helping out the streamers in our own backyard. So without further ado, let’s give the word to our Community Streamers to introduce themselves:

Epixors: Game Of Dans

Hi, I'm Epixors OSsloth, I've been playing this game since Technical Alpha, and have now been playing the melee flex for Don Our Fedoras for over a year in Heroes Lounge. I turn on the stream whenever I play Hero League, but sometimes you'll also catch some Team League, scrims. Heroes Lounge games and the occasional Battlerite. Feel free to ask me any questions about heroes, talents, maps, drafting or eSports, I love talking about the game!

Hello i’m Galnegunnar, everyones sub in Div 1 and a Master/Grand Master player. I usually stream when I feel like it (OSsloth) but there is a higher possibility on weekends. Hero League is what you will mostly find on my stream as I try to explain my thought process about my play and how to approach the match. Occasionally I stream Team League with voicecomms with some friends/people from the Lounge as we try to play our best and have fun at the same time.

Galenfunner: everyone's div 1 sub


Hey everybody I’m Lovare, nice to see you here! I’m an EU based streamer that plays Heroes of the Storm from Mondays to Fridays from 12:00 'till 17:00. And random games on Saturdays. I started streaming because I thought it would be a fun way to hang out with cool people. That's why here at the Teaclub we try to keep things salt-free and silly / welcoming for everyone. So yeah, I hope you enjoy the stream!

Hey sloths! My name is VenoM, :Petmans:-nationality, one of the first casters of Heroes Lounge, spreading the in this awesome community. I like improving mine and the Heroes Lounge streams with tools like instant-replay, match-handler and more. On my stream you'll find a positive person trying to reach gold 1 in Heroes of the Storm while my cat lies on the keyboard -.- I'm also playing Starcraft 2 and Overwatch. Most streams are held in english, or in the language of teammates. Wondering what büsi means? It means young cat in swissgerman :SlotHiYo: Searching for relaxing, positive entertainment? Join me!


Interested in joining our community of streamers and rocking that shiny Community Streamer button? You should be streaming Heroes of the Storm content on a regular basis. As our Heroes Community official language is English, we expect you to stream primarily in English. We also like to promote positive streaming channels, so having low toxicity levels is preferred! Feel free to contact TinyOwl or Astraeus on our Discord for joining our Community Streamers group and additional information.


[Inside Lounge] Need For Feed

Nov 10, 2017 Arquine Inside Lounge
This edition of Inside Lounge brings you the premier griefers, Need For Feed.


Double Trouble Tournament Season 2

Nov 23, 2017 Arquine Announcement
Heroes Lounge is sponsoring Double Trouble Tournament.