Nov 23, 2017 Arquine Announcement

Heroes Lounge will be partnering up with paranoidSpectre to host you the second season of Double Trouble Tournament, 2 v 2 tournament where you and your pal team up to show that you have the best synergy in Heroes Of The Storm.

Schedule & Signup

Event will start on 9th of December 2017 starting 14:00 CET.

You can click here to signup for the tournament. There's also a Discord, it’ll be the main form of communication between the tournament admins and you, the players..

All games will be hosted on Heroes Lounge Twitch channel.


Gameplay and Rules are simple and as below:

  1. Double elimination format
  2. Games will be played on the bottom lane of Braxis Holdout
  3. 7.5 minutes to take enemy fort or make most points
  4. Each kill and destroyed structure awards a point
  5. No hearthing, no mercenaries, only wells and healing globes

Click here to get a glimpse on what the tournament is about from season one. 


Yes, there's a 20€ Battle.Net balance on the line for each player of the winning team! 

Teams finishing 2nd and 3rd also won’t go home empty handed, awaiting them are hero skins!

Interested? head over here to signup today for this awesome event and we look forward to cheering you on!


Announcing: Heroes Lounge Community Streamers!

Nov 19, 2017 TinyMod Announcement
Heroes Lounge are partnering with our resident streamers to level up our community interaction for more awesome content


[Inside Lounge] MILFits

Nov 27, 2017 Penelope Inside Lounge
This week in Inside Lounge it is time for a sneak peek into the minds of div 2 team MILFits.