Mar 11, 2022 Transparent Athena Championship EU Event NA

The Athena Championship returns tomorrow!

Once again we celebrate the fantastic women in our community. We hope you all enjoyed international women's day and are getting ready to compete or join us on stream.

Saturday 12th of March at 14:00 CET

  • The Athena teams will all play three best-of-two’s

  • Approximate end time is 18:00 CET

Sunday 13th of March at 14:00 CET

  • Two best of three semi-finals played simultaneously

  • One best of five grand finals

  • Approximate end time is 18:00 CET

Information for participating teams

Check out all the teams and upcoming matches here!

Substitute rules

We are aware that not everyone in their assigned teams might be able to play this weekend, so if needed teams can make use of subs. There are no MMR limits on substitutes, however, substitutes should be women, cis or trans, and ideally signed up through our sign up form. Players that participated on saturday, but did not get into the finals are free to sub on the sunday.

Information for Casters 

Casting on Saturday

There are many matches being played. Several of which will be featured on the main Heroes Lounge stream. But there are many games to cast. So if you are still interested in casting on saturday please sign-up here:

Casting on Sunday

To enable more participation, we are opening Sunday to co-casters to those who have been knocked out on Saturday.

If you are participating and have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the Athena channel on our discord.


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