Mar 26, 2022 Transparent Announcement EU Lounge News

Introducing Azok - League Manager

Azok has joined the Management team!
After being a dedicated moderator for some time. Having played Heroes of the Storm since pre-Alpha(having a sneaky inside contact). He first came across Heroes Lounge in Season 6 where he first started as captain of Prime Legion MO-Stars and then as the Captain of Vacation in Purgatory from Season 8 onwards.

He started off as a mentor, using his experience as a captain to help those in new teams get set up! In the summer of 2020, he stepped up and successfully applied to become a moderator! Since then he continued to help the moderation team, getting involved with many of the moderator teams and projects, such as the Nexus Rumble.

Azok is stepping up to the manager role to help Erix and John in managing the moderators but is particularly keen on helping maintain fair play in Heroes Lounge. Already communicating lots with the community, he is passionate to help keep the rules clear and always looking to go the extra mile in investigating sub-rules and MMR.

His favourite part of Heroes Lounge is immersing himself in having the opportunity to play the game he enjoys, with others who share that same passion!

You can catch Azok with his 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 frogs still playing Lili in Vacation in Purgatory in Season 18!

Season 17  Awards Show

On 27th of March 20:00 CEST ( tomorrow!), we will have our end of Season Awards show! 

Here you can catch all your favourite statistics about most maps picked, best KDA and some extra information about the teams making it to Playoffs! 

Not only do we have the usual great content you know, we also have the following:

  • Highlights of the season's events

  • Numerical Awards

  • VOTING on top casting moments of the season!

So come check it out tomorrow on 27th of March 20:00 CEST

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