May 17, 2021 Poppinfresh Community Spotlight EU

Division Guesser

        Guess the Division!


Hello there! Some of you probably know me by now, but some of you don’t, particularly if you’re new to Lounge or if you play within the lower Divisions. I’m Andy, although online known more as Aviater and I cast for Heroes Lounge. I took a break from casting last season due to work pressures; but you’ll probably see a lot more of me this season (if you actually click on my stream anyway (pls click on it ty (pls)))!

So what is “Division Guesser”?! - Pretty simple in essence, I will cast/review one replay file from Heroes Lounge without any player names showing/prior knowledge of the Division and then guess which Division the match is played from. There could be some upsets where I think Div2 is Div6 and Div7 becomes the real Div1, like we all know it can be! 

This will be hosted every week on a Thursday at 20:30 CEST starting Thursday 20/05/21 on I will also be joined by a guest each week, this guest will be a player that currently participates in CCL/Masters Clash or is considered a ‘high level player’! 

How will it work?

I will be sent a random replay file (from Heroes Lounge website) anonymously from one of the moderators/VIPs from my channel. I will also be sent a screenshot of the draft from the website, without player names, and will make an initial guess based on the draft/bans. The replay file will then be loaded with a blacked out screen from Twitch and from myself. Now some of you may be thinking “but you might recognise player names” and this is true - I probably would! However, thankfully within AhliObs there is a function where I can “toggle player names” and I will bind this to a hotkey for ease of use as soon as the game is loaded (I can use sound to tell me when it’s loaded).

So to summarise so far:

  1. A random replay (from Heroes Lounge) will be sent to me by a mod/vip anonymously

  2. A picture of the draft is sent along with the replay (without player names) from the website and I will make a preliminary guess as to which Division

  3. We load in to the game with no player names and no prior knowledge of which Division

  4. We guess at the end and so does Twitch Chat (using a poll to track who typed what)

  5. Someone might win a gifted sub

I will also be playing vs Twitch Chat in that you can also guess the Division at the end through a poll! If you guess the correct Division then you could win a gifted subscription (although it’s only to me so that’s unlucky). So to watch it catch it all over on 

If you have any feedback then please let me know by tagging me in the HL Discord within #feedback_and_suggestions channel or by DMing me on discord Aviater#9327. I’d welcome any and all feedback be it positive or negative! 

Thanks for reading,



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