Feb 09, 2019 Eef Division S EU

North America

Last week 'The lost boys' with KilluZiion, cattlepillar, Hosty, zergling and TalkingTrees became the first qualifying North American team for Division S. We see a lot of last weeks teams returning. 

'Comanche Power Train' (Noah, bkbgrnrjefek, Legacy, Mysticleez, Unaverted) faced 'The lost boys' in last weeks grand final. Definitely a team we expect to see again on the sunday! You can follow all their matches today as they're being cast by Bahamut

'Looking For Work (Furyhots, Casanova, SwabsMcGoo, Droplets, Darkchimaera) is having a busy day competing both in the invitational as well as signed up for the 2nd qualifier. Will their schedule allow to play and secure those points needed to qualify or are they confident enough to drop a qualifier, hoping to qualify directly the coming weeks? 

'Multiple Smiles(Liam, HaoNguyen, ceasarsalad, Diesel, VINguyen) fought a hard fight to get to the semi-finals last week. They were able to get past their first round opponent with a 2-0, but ran into hard competition when they faced Broken Alliance Gaming in the quarterfinals. In what was one of the best series' of the night, Multiple Smiles pulled out the 2-1 victory pushing them to face The Lost Boys in the semi-finals. Will they be able to get to the Sunday again? 

'CGL Black' (TripleC4, IceX02, YouOLO, TempestHotS, Ray) got knocked out in the 2nd phase last week facing LFW and is now facing 'Order of the Sleeping Dragon' (Shotty2Hotty, CorgiBooty, ElhayM, treebeard, EnigmaticLuna) who faced the runner up CPT in the third round last week. Murda is following this matchup and the following games today. 


After the first weekend of qualifier games, last weekend 'Washed up' with Meme, HasuObs, JayPL, SMX and ethernal, managed to become the first European team to qualify for Division S. This weekends' game are promising as many good matches. 

At 18:00 the first 3 matches start with all rounds coming together at 19:00. See the entire bracket here.

Having had to drop out unexpectedly last week the team Nothing Left (PotiBoss, mopsio, Bl3kitny, Czarnoskory, linked) will be competing in the 2nd qualifier hoping to score some high points to compensate for the missed week. But with such a line-up I personally expect to see them in at least the semi-finals. You can follow their games tonight in both English being cast by Tetcher or in Polish cast by Pitax, or Chinese by TeamNut

Talking about semi-finals. Last week Team Russia lost to Washed up, dropping out in the semi-final. This week stalkeba, FarlendeR, KolyaMarzhin, MrBanaBeer, shamzlo are back taking on this second qualifier tournament hoping to be one of the eight teams qualifying for Division S EU. You can follow Team Russia in Russian cast by Tigronix and German cast by TazzDingo

Losing with 2-1 to 'What does the photographer say' in the lower bracket semi-final was LFT for div S. BananaH, Daykwaza, Tobos, Nesdip and Mascarade are also back this week in the lower bracket. Malganyr is following all their matches and casting in French. 

Last weeks 'What does the photographer say' (Berghult, Galnegunnar, Jia, Makke, zzz) runner up will be followed by Valdorazor of agon league in Russian. 

Last but not least another high profile team due to its lineup 'aLbeus'r fnaculb' (Henn1ng, FuryHeroes, lauber, Svampgrotta, shawzie44) who made the quarterfinals last week is being cast by JoyK in English.


[EU] Season 8 Rare Cup Group Stage overview

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