Nov 27, 2017 Penelope Inside Lounge

In today’s edition of Inside Lounge, we bring you a team, that made it all the way to the season 4 Cup and even ended up running off with the trophy. With an impressive 3-0 victory in the finals, MiILFits has now moved up to div 2 for season 5.  

First, let us meet the winning team

xacy: H, I’m Xacy MILFits main tank and babysitter, I mean captain. My main duty here is to herd these sloths into matches while trying to control them. Spoiler alert, I take no responsibility for the opinions written on here by my teammates. Please remember, that I’m also a victim of these sociopaths.

YndradZel: The ex-flex-now-battlemage-rockstar member of the team. Just give me something to throw! (sand is very welcome (L) Chromie, or i can throw the game itself too X’D). My last nickname was Zel, but I've found a lot of Zels in other games and even inside HotS. Yngrad is some viking prefix, and besides drinking beer and coffee from the skulls of my enemies, I develop VR mobile games for a living. Maybe one day I will create the first VR Mobile MOBA, stay tuned! 

Hammond: Finally. I´m Hammondista, the latest addition to MILFits' team and my decrees are absolute. I´m a 22 years old university student, but that does not interest you. What you are interested in is knowing I´ve been decimating other MOBA players for 5 years and players of other genres since I was a newborn. Now go and tell the others of the presentation I have written here.

Xavi: Hi, I am Xavi (pls) and I play Xul for the MILFits. I am a battle-worn MOBA player that’s been training his body and mind for the past five years in the League of Legends battlefields to comprehend all the ins and outs of this genre. In the search of a challenge, I’ve faced nothing but the best the European regions had to offer and I always came out victorious. Heavy-hearted, I knew that I had to leave the comfort that I had found on the Summoners Rift to be able to finally find that someone that could prove worthy, and so, I put my eyes on the Nexus. In these three months, I have made the nexus my reign of terror in the hopes that someone will be able to end the guilt that I carry with my existence. But, until then, fix your attention on the silence that I leave behind every match that I play, every nexus that I destroy, for it holds the answers you seek.

Spynk: Hi, I´m Spynk and I am the Malfurion bot...I mean the support player. I hope the opposite team keeps banning Malfurion from us, so I could play another hero sometimes.

AceDz: Cheers, I’m the flex of the team, because I play every hero in the game, so my mates can keep their neuron working on their one-trick champ. They usually want me to play Stitches and I rather like it too, cause I can carry these bonobos with the hooks (if not the hooks, the macrowise moves around the map as I’m actually the shot-caller).

Could you tell us a little about, how you all came together as a team?

xacy: Well, one night before season 3 started, we were drinking in a bar and somehow the idea came up. But as easy as it came up, as easy was it forgotten the morning after. So I proceeded to nag every single one of them to form the team and here we are.

Spynk: In the 2º season xacy and I signed as free agents, but with random people we couldn´t make a team. Before season 3 started, more friends started playing with us, so we asked them if they wanted to play in the league...and we want that Khaldor cast one of our games someday  :P .

How did you decide on the name MILFits?

xacy: One idea we've had clear, we wanted a name that was both easy to remember and was a bad pun with one of the HGC teams. Again my sloths were partying and they were brainstorming and a whole lot of really bad puns come up. Believe me when I tell you that MILFits was the best among them :D

Spynk: We were drunk, the other options were fkntic or team dicknitas.

Congratulations on winning the season 4 Cup. How was your experience with the tournament throughout the season?

xacy:  Better than I initially thought to be honest. We had a few close loses but overall I think that we do pretty well in the tournament.

Spynk: Really great, It was very fun and exciting. The chance to play with the other teams in the tournament was amazing

You had some very solid play in the Cup finals. Did you have any specific strategies planned before playing in the finals?

xacy: No, to be honest. The cup finals were right after a holiday week in our city and we started with too little sleep and too little training in the weeks before. So we went with our usual strategies and hoped for the best.

Xavi: I’d just made clear to Ace that he was playing only Sonya all of the finals because he always threatens us with his Alarak. So, I think, that was all we needed for the finals. To play our standard game and avoid Ace’s Alarak.

Spynk: We couldn't practice too much before the tournament, so we only tried to play as well as we could.

You have moved up to division 2 for season 5. What are your goals for this season?

xacy: It will be great if we can perform at the same level as the previous season and hopefully place among the division’s top.

Spynk: qualify for the playoffs and reach the top of division 2.

Do you have any shoutouts?

xacy: Yeah. Shoutout to the Heroes Lounge team for creating such an awesome league to be a part of and to all the people that didn’t place us on their bets for the cup winner ;-D

Spynk: The Heroes Lounge team is doing a great job. I wish more people signed for this league. 

This concludes our interview with MILFits. Thanks to everyone who participated: xacy, Spynk, Xavi, Hammond, YndradZel and AceDz and to all of you readers supporting the Heroes Lounge blog. I hope to see you all again for our next Inside Lounge interview. Should you have any suggestions or criticism, you would like to share with us, you can always find us at the Heroes Lounge discord. 


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