Oct 18, 2018 JScottGhost Lounge News

Do you and a friend always feel like the other three on the team are bringing you down? You'd win every game if you had the rest of the team had the synergy that you and your friend do? Now is the time to show off your skills and prove you are the best. Nexus Brawl and Heroes Lounge are proud to host the third season of the Double Trouble Tournament, a 2 v 2 tournament to see who will be called King of the Double Engage for 2018. 

Schedule & Sign up:

The tournament will begin on the October 28th, 2018 at 1400 CEST.

All organization sign ups will be through Nexus Brawls Discord which you can find here. 32 teams of 2 will be able to sign up and the tournament is not exclusive to Heroes Lounge players. (Currently the tournament website is having problems, but you can contact ParanoidSpectre or Lortac to register.)

Have no fear, you will be able to show off your wonderful single lane 2 v 2 skills as each game will be casted and hosted on Twitch. 


Gameplay and Rules are simple:

  1. Single elimination format but may change depending on the number of sign ups
  2. Games will be played on the bottom lane of Braxis Holdout
  3. 7.5 minutes to take enemy fort or make the most points
  4. Each kill and destroyed structure awards a point
  5. No hearthing, no mercenaries, only wells and healing globes. 


On the line is a 20€ Battle.Net Gift Card and a Nexus Brawl T-shirt for each player of the winning team!

So grab your ally, head over to Nexus Brawl Discord and signup for this awesome event. We look forward to cheering you on!!


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