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In today's special treat, we will be meeting up with a top div 4 team, that already are looking dangerous in the playoffs. The team has gotten known for its mysterious name, that barely anyone feels comfortable pronouncing. What actually is a Jormungandr? We're here to find out.

Before we start the interview, let us meet the team.

Gougin: I'm Christoffer ”Gougin” a half Swedish and half Costarican guy. I'm currently the team leader for team Jormungandr. For most of my life, I have been competitive and played handball. Just like Camlos, I'm one of the younger people on the team, but with a lot of ambition for the things I do. I'm working as an IT technician mostly solving network or server based problems. I always aim to do my best and go as far as possible and learn from as many as possible 

Lollohajo: Hi, I'm Lollohajo, AKA Ludvig, 21 years old. I'm the bruiser/offlaner of Jormungandr.
I'm a sleepy guy with a bad sleeping schedule with my awaken hours averaging between 2pm – 6am.
I am ambitious and at the same time lazy, which makes for an interesting combination. I want to be the very best, but at the same time, I can't be bothered to. I have been playing video games practically my entire life which eventually naturally led me into E-Sports. This eventually led me together with friends to form a team and try our luck, and right now I'm very happy we are getting somewhere.

IiswhoiisHi! I'm Iiswhoiis and I mostly play healers and mages for team Jormungandr. I've played hotS since the beta and before that, I played LoL for a couple of years with Gougin. I ended at rank 1 in the preseason of HotS, and I've been master in other seasons. I also study and work as a teacher in my daily life.

CamlosHi, I am Camlos, the main tank of Jormungandr. I am the youngest and least experienced player of the team. I started playing tank mostly because that's what they wanted me to do, and it is a role that I usually am drawn to. There's not much else to say about me really. I like a good challenge and always believe in comebacks

Ixxen:  I always have a smile on my face, and I never back down from a challenge. My favorite parts of HotS are how everything is team-based, and how you need to be prepared before every game!

Dragonsaber: Hi, I'm Emil or better known as Dragonsaber from team Jormungandr. I'm our designated "Flex player". I mostly play damage dealers, but I flex all roles depending on comps. I have played HotS since it came out, but have been playing on and off since then.

First of all, I would like to ask you guys, how you all came together as a team?

Gougin: We all come together as friends. We basically know everyone in real life from school and growing up. We played different games together before, so I guess we just decided to try out Heroes Lounge when I found the tournament.

How did you come up with the very interesting team name; Jormungandr? I know Jormungandr is also known as the Midgard Serpent in Norse mythology but is there a story behind this specific name choice?

Gougin: We had loads of different names in the past before choosing Jormungandr. We kinda just suggested a lot of names and voted on them. I was the one who came up with the name and tried to convince people to vote for it because I love history and religion. The older religions are very interesting, so I was like: "We are a Swedish team, let's go with it," since the Norse mythology is from the areas, we are from. Also, you can create some cool logos with it.

Dragonsaber: Yes, we had a vote between all the founding members, and it was decided, that we wanted Jormungandr.

You guys have been doing really well in season 7 and have placed yourselves solidly at the top of division 4. How has your experience been with Heroes Lounge season 7?

Iiswhoiis: Thank you! It has been really fun playing in Heroes Lounge this season. It's our very first season, so coming into it I really didn't know what to expect, but I have really enjoyed it and I feel like we all have improved a lot, both individually but also as a team

GouginThe experience has been really nice, and I have enjoyed it very much. Especially meeting all kinds of different people and teams. We did much better then I thought we would do for a first season team. We got our stuff together and played well when we needed to.

Lollohajo: My experience so far with Heroes Lounge has been good. It's good to see, that there is a group of people willing to put work and energy into hosting an amateur league just for the fun of it.

Ixxen: It has been good! Not only the gameplay that we have developed but also everything around. For example that players give their time to cast the games, the easy way to organize before a match and also the way Heroes Lounge gives teams a chance to climb in the systems!

Dragonsaber: I agree, that it has been a very positive experience and we have formed a lot of bonds with the teams we have played against.

You have recently been playing in the Cup weekend. Did your experiences with the cup playoffs follow your expectations?

Dragonsaber: I'm disappointed with our performance in the second match lower bracket. It feels like our calls were all over the place, but we will improve and go again next season.

Gougin: Well, I had an expectation to end up first in the group stage and after that, see how far we could go. We faced off against good teams, and we managed to take some map wins against the top 3 teams. So in the end, I'm happy, even though I kinda expected to reach top 4. But I will improve and come back stronger next season.

Lollohajo: For me, it was both yes and no. It really lived up to my expectations, when it comes to the general feeling and atmosphere around the games. But when it comes to our team’s performance and results, it was quite a bit below expectations.

Iiswhoiis: I did not know what to expect, I just tried my best and saw how far that would take us. But I feel honoured, that I get to do this interview and that I was able to participate in the Cup for my first season here. I just love how well organized the Cup was.

Camlos:  I had no real expectations, to be honest. I just played :D

What are your ambitions for season 8, and how have they changed from this season?

Lollohajo: Well. For season 8 I believe that we truly want to prove, that we are a strong team and take another high position in another high division, and to differ it from season 7, where we mostly wanted to get our foot into the league and get some experience in an actual competition. 

Iiswhoiis: I think, that my ambitions for the next season will be the same as this season, to improve and see how far we can come as a team. Ofc we want to place at the top, so we can move to div 2 for season 9!

Camlos: There's a bit of a discussion if I'm gonna play for our A or B team next season but regardless, I aim for top 2 in whatever division we get placed in.

GouginThat's a hard question. Our ambitions have not really changed from this season. I will still try to win the div we get placed in, no matter if it is div 1 or 5. We will do our best. We are doing some roster changes for next season and I hope that will bring out an even stronger team for us next season. We did also decide to create a second team and try our luck with them.

Ixxen: If we can keep improving, we will be dangerous in the division we will play in. The goals are always and should always be to improve the team and yourself. But if we´re talking goals in the division, then it is to be able to fight for a top spot.

Do you have any favorite moments or experiences from Heroes Lounge season 7, that you would like to share with us?

Lollohajo: One of my both favorite and least favorite moments, was when we lost against DBM. I liked it because it made us realize, that we weren't immortal, but I dislike it because it ruined our perfect score. Another moment I really enjoyed, was the first time we got cast by Kharis and Riskiwi. The feeling of playing a competitive match and being streamed while playing it was just pure awesome.

Iiswhoiis: My favorite moment from season 7 is by far our first match. We had no clue of how good the teams were in div 4, so when we won, we all got very excited and realized, that we actually could place high, since the first team we faced (from what I remember) was the team with the highest mmr in div 4. Also being cast for the first time was really fun, we were all really nervous.

Camlos: Two things stand out to me: My very first game where we had a horrible game 1 and then 2 amazingly fun games, where we brought out the now memed Valla comp. The second moment was in our last game against CA, where I went in and stole a camp right under their noses.

Ixxen: My favorite moment was my first game with the team. I can´t remember a single bit of it. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I even can´t remember if we won or not, but I can remember the feeling!

Gougin: I enjoyed the first game we played. It was a good feeling. And also the first time we got cast made us really play well and want to win. But I have enjoyed most of the season and can't really point out the best part. But the loss against Death By Monkies was a bit hard on us since we wanted a perfect season. But it made us realize, that we could lose, and we improved our playstyle a lot after that.

Dragonsaber: Favorite moment is probably when we got secured for playoffs, a huge relief.

Do you have any shoutouts?

Gougin: I wanna thank the entire crew for creating Heroes Lounge and keeping it up to date. That they spend their free time to create this for us players. I also want to thank the casters for taking their time to cast all the different games in the different divisions. This being said, I want to do a shoutout for Reebs that subbed for us during week 2 against Plz Buff Thrall, performed very well and brought us the victory, Pittor for being our team ”mentor” and helping me with all the questions I have, and most of all to Treehouse Gaming, that also have been there to answer questions and been very kind.
Last I wanna thank my own friend NoKeverC, that unfortunately did not play a single game for us this season but who has been a huge support for me in the background, fixing stuff for the team that was really needed.
And of course, my own team that has played very well!

Ixxen: Shoutout to our captain Gougin who brought me into the team. Even though lacked a "good rank" and experience with team play. He took a chance and that's big! Also a huge shoutout to the rest of the team that welcomed me in a very good way! And lastly, I want to thank everyone in Heroes Lounge, that spends their time making this for us.

Camlos: I want to do a shoutout Lunarboner for pretty much watching every game we play, and then in general to the whole team for sticking together even during the rough patches.

Iiswhoiis: A shoutout to my team and to all the subs we have had during our games! I also want to do a shoutout to the casters we have had, they have made our games much more fun! And lastly, I want to do a shoutout to all the teams we played against. It has been 10 really fun matches.

Lollohajo: Thank you to the Heroes Lounge crew for arranging an awesome league and for making some great changes for season 8. Like the rest of my team, I want to thank the casters and I also want to thank Treehouse Gaming for really opening up to us and help our team become a part of the Heroes Lounge community.

Dragonsaber: Shoutout to our opponents and to everyone watching our games.  

This concludes our interview with Jormungandr. Thanks to the team for taking the time to answer some questions, and to all of you readers supporting the Heroes Lounge blog. I hope to see you all again for our next Inside Lounge interview. Should you have any suggestions or criticism, you would like to share with us, you can always find us at the Heroes Lounge discord. 


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