Nov 24, 2021 Transparent Community Spotlight EU Event

Tired of all these competitions having prize MONEY, but no actual CUPS?

The Eggs Cup has you sorted!

The first prize being 5 Egg Cups!

This event was brought to you by Transparent, a 3 week qualifier, and a one-day Final!

Grand Final Bracket

Almost all games will be cast on

But it is open for anyone to cast!

Free Entry! so come Join in the fun!

Sign-up here on the Heroes Lounge website with brackets being shown here too!

Qualifiers will start at 18:00 CET Wednesdays.

They will be single elimination bracket of Bo1 matches, Semi-finals and finals will be best of 3.

Qualifier Dates are as follows:

Wednesday 1st December : Bracket

Wednesday 8th December

Wednesday 15th December

The Date for the playoffs is Sunday 19th December, starting at 13:00 CET.


Full ruleset here:

Grand Final Bracket


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