Oct 08, 2017 Lounge News

Today the Heroes Lounge Cup featuring the top teams of Division 3, Division 4, and Division 5 will come to an end. The last remaining teams who have a chance to meet MILFits in the Grandfinal of this Double Elimination tournament are: Τeam Snor, Alt und Adipös, and Twisted Gaming. Team Snor was recently featured in an InsideLounge article

Yesterday, we already saw six Best-of-3 series with the best teams of the lower divisions of Heroes Lounge Season 4. Teams like Raging Xpress, Leipzig eSports, Puppies in Shark Tanks, and Zitronenpresse put up a good show and presented a decent amount of Heroes of the Storm amateur action.

Right before the Grandfinal of the Heroes Lounge Season 4 Cup, the Heroes Lounge team presents a special show match in which a team of casters will play against a group of Heroes Lounge staff members. If you do not want to miss the fun, make sure to tune in on our Twitch channel.

If you have gotten interest in playing semi-competitive Heroes of the Storm games by yourself then do not hesitate to sign-up for Season 5 of Heroes Lounge. You can sign-up as a full team with 5 to 9 players or as a Free Agent. Please checkout our FAQ and do not hesitate to ask any moderator on our discord server whatever question you might have.


Khaldor is doing it again tonight

Oct 05, 2017 Lounge News
One of the most popular Heroes of the Storm caster is going to cast the Heroes Lounge Championship.


We have a Champion

Oct 09, 2017 Lounge News
See who crowned themselves the Champion of the Heroes Lounge Cup.