Jan 25, 2019 Lounge News

You have the opportunity to have an active role in esports. Become a Heroes Lounge staff member and get involved in the largest Heroes of the Storm competition in the world. Join the team of volunteers in creating what is today a community leader for all things HotS, getting involved with everything from tournaments, casting, blog writing, live events and promotion. Get involved in esports at any level, regardless of your schedule, this is the place for you. Support teams and players, make fair decisions and rulings for competing teams and join in shaping the competition as a moderator or join the caster team, the content- or development team in one of the many available positions. You can start your esports career here or expand on an already existing skill set. 

Please note all positions in Heroes Lounge are on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

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Extra info on the available positions:

A moderator is our first point of contact for all teams and players competing in Heroes Lounge. You will be the go-to person for roster changes, rescheduling of matches, reporting substitute players or resolving any issues during the competition which captains can't handle themselves. You're an active member of the discord community and will uphold the rules so we can continue to have an amazing community. You will be involved in the decision making regarding the competition and rulings and require a fair and non-partial judgement. 

As moderator you're also part of the staff team, meaning you will help us form Heroes Lounge and it's way forward. You get to voice your opinions on issues that arise, competition or otherwise and can help out with a lot of different aspects of Heroes Lounge. 

As a Twitch moderator you will be making sure the viewers will adhere themselves to the chat rules. You will be expected to step in when viewers break rules and help casters set up the casted game, which includes setting up the in game lobby and pinging casters in the appropriate channel in advance. You’re expected to know the important twitch commands.

As a caster or co-caster you will be broadcasting games throughout the season. Being unable to stop talking you will be giving informative and entertaining insights into the games being played. Drawing on your ingame knowledge and sparkling personality you will turn every game into an entertaining and educational show to watch.

Our content creators fulfill a variety of roles. You can write blog posts about our teams, current division meta, Division S or other Heroes of the Storm tournament overviews and much more. You can be a media editor working on the live shows like playoffs, Division S casts and draw shows or create video updates/highlights of the competition. You can be a graphic designer supporting promotion on social media, blog posts or even rework some of our artwork for our streams etc. 

As a developer you will be helping out on maintaining the website and back-end whilst resolving technical issues/bugs. Helping out on improving the site is appreciated. You will need to be able to know how to work with developer tools and use github without breaking the site.


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