Jan 25, 2019 Announcement Division S Heroes News

We’re back again with an update about Division S. In just over a week the first qualifier weekend starts and we are super excited to see all the teams that have signed up compete for the top spots!

First of all, we love to introduce you to some extra casters that have joined the lineup. We welcome JHow, Halorin, TeamNut (Chinese) and theWilQ (Polish) to the caster lineup. They join the healthy team of Malganyr (French), TazzDingo (German), Tetcher, Trikslyr and of course Khaldor.

We also like to announce that everyone who has an interest in streaming or casting can do so by contacting us. Some community casters you might be familiar with, including Bahamut, Bayaz, ghostDunk, Halloween and Professor Bobo, have already announced to be doing so. Join this casting squad by contacting Heartless#2138 on discord.

When do you get tune in to these games? Keep a close eye out on the website for the exact schedule including twitch links, but you can make sure to book the following times off for the qualifiers:

The qualifiers will take place every weekend in February, with every winning team directly qualifying for Division S and the other teams competing for the top points. 


  • Saturday from 7PM CET / 1PM EST / 10AM PT
  • Sunday from 8PM CET / 2PM EST / 11AM PT

North America:

  • Saturday: 7PM EST / 4PM PT / 1AM CET.
  • Sunday: 8PM EST / 5PM PT / 2AM CET

We can’t announce the exact times and dates for the league play just yet as we will allow competing teams to schedule together on certain time slots, but don’t worry. We will make sure they will be played on times you should be able to watch.

We have also updated our FAQ with some more details of the competition.

Support the players by donating to the prize pool for season one of division S through our crowdfunding. Over $15,000 has currently been raised.


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