Sep 01, 2019 Grier Amateur League EU Weekly Recap

We are now four rounds into Season 10 of Division 5 and the table is starting to figure itself out, so let’s take a look at how things are panning out for the current top 10.

Top 10 Review:

#1 The Sops

Starting with the top spot The Sops are sitting pretty having not dropped a map so far, thanks to a tanky Diablo/Blaze frontline. They have finished around mid-table in previous seasons, so could this be the season where they break through. Their upcoming match vs TSEA Link will be their first real test though.

#2 TSEA Link

TSEA Link topped Div 6 in Season 8 and just missed out on qualifying for the Epic Cup in Season 9. Like The Sops, they have not dropped a game yet this season thanks to the terror inducing Imperious and Kel’Thu-freaking-zad. When they play The Sops in round 5 one unbeaten run will end and may prove crucial when we get to season end.

Match to watch - The SOPS vs TSEA Link - Wednesday 4th September 22:00 CEST
Match Link

#3 DiVeOrDeLeTe

Next up we have DiVeOrDeLeTe, a new team although some of the players have previous HL experience. Yet another team to not drop a map due to employing the undead skills of the former King of Khanduras, also known as the Skeleton King Leoric. The feat is even more impressive when looking at who they have defeated so far, Rare Cup winners Potatoes007 and two top seven teams in Digital Storming and FAT Bones.

#4 Moustaches

Round 5 opponents for DiVeOrDeLeTe are Moustaches who topped Div 6 and were runners up in the Rare Cup last season. They are also the last of the unbeaten teams thanks to some Abathur shenanigans. Once again only one team will keep their win-streak alive after Round 5.

Match to watch - DiVeOrDeLeTe vs Moustaches - TBC
Match Link

#5 Jaina the Frost Mage

Fifth place is currently held by everyones favourite Frost Mage - Jaina. Sitting where they finished in Season 9, it’s been somewhat of a bumpy ride so far, with a hard fought victory vs Turtle Team and close defeat to Tactical Suicide. Rehgar, JoJo and The Lich King are doing most of the heavy work, with Jaina herself making sporadic appearances when required. After a conclusive win vs Treehouse Gaming (with Greck getting some impressive DPS in with Kael’Thas) can they win against some Unorganized Screaming Baboons to get the momentum back up.

#6 Digital Storming

Digital Storming are a new team but with some previous experience. They have only lost to DiVeOrDeLeTe so far, with a convincing win vs Team CATapult being the highlight. Cows and Dragons seems to be target picks, though it’s a wider roster that produces the wins. Someone on the team must have a fear of Lycanthropy though, with four bans on Greymane. They will need to beat Treehouse Gaming in Round 5 to maintain their top 10 spot.

#7 FAT Bones

The only FAT team in Div 5 is Bones (how did that show get 12 seasons?) again only losing to DiVeOrDeLeTe. Dehaka is bringing home the bacon with some help from Cry Baby Anduin. Infernal Shrines is the go-to map, but they would much rather first pick.

#8 Team CATapult

In eighth place we have Team CATapult. Stitches wants to play and the cats say yes sure. Hook into entomb into eternal feast is a combo that from now on will be called ‘The Panic Room’, once inside you can panic hit all your buttons, but you dead. Will FAT Bones be the next victim?

#9 TryTryHard

If you TryTryHard you might get to ninth, though Baboons and Koalas seem to be trying harder. A good win vs Potatoes007 moves them into the top 10 and a win vs GubbaGaming would keep them there. Must try harder.

#10 Tactical Suicide

Propping up the bottom of the top 10 is Tactical Suicide, the jump up from Division 7 giving them some nosebleeds so far. After being dominated by The Sops and Team CATapult, they sneaked out a win vs Jaina. Flying Cow and Green Jesus are getting work done at least.

Thank you for reading, I hope you will join me next time as I review round 5 and preview round 6.


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