Oct 10, 2017 Penelope Inside Lounge

In today’s edition of Inside Lounge, we bring you a team, that in itself might not have existed for more than a season, but several of its members are Heroes Lounge veterans. Gaming in the Rhythm punishes the mistakes of their opponents hard and are known to bring some focused and well-organized play.

So, I know you guys can talk for ages, so better keep the introductions short, right Haft?

 Haft: Hello, I am Dāvis ‘’haft’’ Saduks. I’m from Latvia. I’ve been in heroes lounge since season 1. I started in a team called Tip top which was made with some friends I found inside the game, but that didn’t last for long. Right after no luck in season 1 playoffs, we disbanded because of inactivity. So, when season 2 started, I decided to create my own team. In season 2 we started strong in div 1. We got to the playoffs with only 1 loss during the season but got defeated by fatigue :D. Respect to team Throw Inc defeating us pretty solidly. We decided to take a hiatus for season 3. I was looking for new ways to start fresh in season 4. Some people moved away from the game, some people went looking for a more active team ^^ (like the super-star Galnegunnar). Then I was stuck with the problem of finding new people. By the start of season 4, I just managed to form a team with 5 people, and the old players from my previous season got demoted to subs due to them not being able to play often. So now we are 5 players looking for glory/fun in the Heroes Lounge. So far, I can say we are having fun and all the members seem stable. Of course, I would wish the attendance was way better, but overall, I would say we are a solid team who is well organized, in my opinion.

Abols: Hi, my name is Kristaps. I also come from Latvia same country as Haft does. I play HotS casually and prefer to joke around a lot not being serious. Team hates me for this and calls me the teenager of our team, lul. I’m also the best gold player in team ^^

Ratman: Dutchy living in Denmark. I Like martial arts and long walks in the Nexus. Was a Lord of the Pings in season 2. The guys call me Ratman for no obvious reason. Tegze is our Freddy Mercury: It’s great when he’s there with the right mindset, but half the time he’s not there because he’s out drinking. Abols is our teenager who has f***ed our drafts by swapping on more than one occasion. Faltarion is our silent tank, the hero we deserve but don’t need. Haft is trying to keep all of us together and failing miserably. He’s also always on the hunt for subs, but all our subs end up being unavailable or just a**holes.

Tegze: Hey, I'm Tegze the: flex/not tank please, Hearth/soul, GM at the core / diamond in practice, player for GR. I started playing this game of sad and happy times when you could buy yourself into the beta. Never looked back ever since. Take this, and I should be done.

Faltarion: Hello folks, my name is Patrick Lieb aka Faltarion. I am 28 years old and from Germany (Bavaria/Augsburg close to Munich). I played HotS since the Beta, and I have loooved the game for a long time, and because it was my first MOBA, I had to learn a lot about it. After I havd gathered experience, I started playing Heroes Lounge in Season 2 with Falstad still bugged as Main Tank. After 2 seasons in Div 1, they didn’t want to play any longer, so I was searching for a new team and found Gaming in The Rhythm on the discord server from Heroes Lounge. So, I played Season 4 with them in Div 2, and I was the Main Tank as well for them. After a hard and respectively bad season in Div 2, I have decided to leave the team and take a break from Heroes Lounge. Because I do not have the time nor the motivation at the moment to put more time and practice into the game. I wish them all the best for the next season, and I hope they find a good replacement for me. Cheers.

Where did you guys meet and how did you come together as a team? 

Tegze: It was about one year ago. I was still doing University, so obviously I had a lot a free time.That’s when I saw the recruitment post for TL from my dear Haft. They tried me out for a sub first, but you know, real recognize real. I was too good, I was young and the fire and desire were burning in my heart. So, we started to play like every day for a while. Those were two good days, man. Nothing but playing Valla almost every match and winning kinda most of the times, not really. We were happy, full of hope. So that’s how I met my wife… I mean team leader.

Our current roster came about because we had a fallout. We all kinda lost motivation, we legit played too much, so it was more of a chore than actual fun. One day Hafty boy just came back and was like „F**k it, let’s play again” and I was all like „Good shit, good shit”, and he started to look for new players. The teammates are cool. For real. Haft made some good choices with these outstanding lads.

Abols: Yeah, Haft found me as well in a HL game. Then he added me, and one day he asked me, if I was interested in playing some TL with his team. And there I was accepting the invite. Got jebaited hard. :D

Faltarion:  I played 2 seasons for Falstad still Bugged in Div 1, and they decided to not play season 4. So, I was looking for a new team and found these boys on discord on the Heroes Lounge server.

Could you tell us, how the team name Gaming in the Rhythm came to be? 

Haft: I Haft alone decided the team name, before I even started gathering people. It is simple. I wanted to think of an awesome yet serious name in the first place (that means no memes involved). So, I was thinking, if we are going to be a serious team, we will play with synergy and stuff, and so the name came to be Gaming in the Rhythm. Also, I hate when people call us GitR, when the official short name I came up with was GR.

The team seems to enjoy the Infernal Shrines map. What is it about that map, that appeals to you?

Haft: In all my team’s history starting from season 1, we always liked that map. It was so well balanced. Also, whenever we had new members on the team our map priorities swapped. Right now, we have no favorite map, we just pick the standard most balanced map. I would call that Infernal Shrines.

Abols: I actually don’t enjoy that map, but I play what the team picks. :D

How do you feel this season has been for you so far? Has it lived up to your expectations?

Ratman: It’s been alright – we’ve not been able to perform at the maximum of our potential because RL is getting in the way, but my teammates are nice guys and we’ve been bonding.

Abols: Not so good, we lost a lot of games, but I’m always positive. ^^

Haft: For me personally, from an organization perspective, season’s better than ever. But from the inside look of the team, I had way better seasons with more training sessions and fewer problems arranging matches. Life is hard as captain these days. :D

Tegze: I feel like we did not bring the heat as much as I would like. Life got in the way for everybody. We don’t really play together, like at all. Disappointed, but not surprised. Hopefully we can play more together in the future.

Faltarion: I have not felt so well, because we didn’t play in Div 1. Also, we didn’t play as well as I had hoped. Personally, I was not able to put in as much time as I wanted.

Do you have any plans on participating in season 5, and what are your hopes for the next season?

Abols: If my team will join, I’ll come with them. If not, then I’ll just chill around. I’m too lazy to look for a new team. Has to look for me. :D

Haft: Yes indeed, I’m planning to play in season 5, but there are some changes once again needed to the line-up. It is strong but not consistent. 80% of the games we need subs. The only time we play as a team is during Lounge games, and that is not enough for a decent team. We will see what I can figure out now. Maybe a miracle will happen and suddenly the team will stop pretending to be sloths. :P

Ratman: I’m planning on competing, it’s been fun! I just need my fill of serious 5v5’s.

Tegze: I think, we will give it a shot. I hope it works out, and I can spend more time with these cool people I call my current teammates. Obviously, I want to win this tournament once during this lifetime, but that would require more playtime. We will see.

Faltarion: At the moment, I am not 100 % sure if I wanna play season 5. I am thinking about taking a break and maybe returning in season 6.

Any shoutouts?

Haft: I want to send shoutouts of course to all the staff of Heroes Lounge, big respect to you fellas for still holding up here and doing the great work. Also, I want to send some love to all the previous members of the team, they might not read it but what the heck – Vivicraft, Holomy, Beorn, Doombane, Glanegunnar, Nightraven, Zangdar, Kenchiblepus. There were two more people, but I cannot remember their names sadly. Hope they won’t be sad if they see this. And finally, I want to say thanks to mYi for sponsoring this and providing us with some gear at the end of each season, even though I will probably never get it, but it’s just awesome, that Petman made this happen.

Tegze: Yes, shoutout to the original GitR members, thanks for making my first time special. I will always remember that first night. You guys were gentle, but still firm, I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was fun nonetheless. We kept coming back for more and more, but the passion went away. Feels bad man. And shoutout to you guys for taking your time and organizing this whole shindig. You guys are the real MVP.

This concludes our interview with Gaming in the Rhythm. Thanks to everyone who participated: Haft, Abols, Ratman, Tegze and Faltarion, and to all of you readers supporting the Heroes Lounge blog. I hope to see you all next time for my 2nd Inside Lounge interview where we’ll have a look at the div 5 team Elite AI. Should you have any suggestions or criticism, you would like to share with us, you can always find us at the Heroes Lounge discord. 


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