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Welcome back to season 4. We're back with a brand new website, a bigger league and better memes. As we come into the third week of Season 4, we're joined here by the new comers Grubs Sub Pride! Grubs Sub Pride had an excellent start to the season, winning both their matches against mYinsanity and Clown Park without dropping a single map. They also boast the former captain of the famous NoComms FAT#5 Undead.

Grubs Sub Pride

Hello Grub Sub Pride, shall we get introductions on the way?

Deathknight: Hello I am Deathknight, Captain, Tank and Shotcaller for GSP. But most of the time during a match I have to save Doge and prevent him from feeding again and again. 

Undead: ello I am undead, the support player of Grubs Subs Pride. Previous captain of season 2 champion FAT #5. Creator of NoComms meme. Eater of the cakes. Uther one trick. User of the holy trait value. Griefer of all teams. Breaker of all comms. Protector of memes. Stukov and petman fan #3, 4 and 6. (please use :petman: in Heroes Lounge discord when you are reading this) and the lazy sloth of this team .

Doge: Kon'nichiwa watashi wa dogedesu. Watashi wa kono chīmu no tame ni kinsetsu asashin o kyōsei sa remashita! 

Ukkie: Hello I am ukkie, and I was brought onto this team to carry our Samuro main (doge). 

Sven: Hello I’m Sven, also known as Glaive. I am an ancient Blizzard fan boy, a washed up Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 player and a retired memer. Hell, I’ve probably forgotten more about gaming than most will ever come to know.

Is membership to Grubby’s stream a requirement for this team? Is that how this team was formed or a mere coincidence ?

Deathknight: Of course! It’s the only requirement to be able to join this team. You can subscribe for $4,99 or for free using your Twitch Prime at The creation of this team is not so exciting like Grubby’s HOTS streams :( . I just asked some guys I wanted to meme play with and we were all Grubby subs :grubW:

Undead is a well known player in the Heroes Lounge community. He was a terrifying tank. It’s a bit of a surprise watching him move towards a support role. What is the story behind that?

Undead: Because I never liked playing tank in the beginning, I was forced to play tank for FAT #5 because we needed someone to play tank. Then I needed to do so for season 3 too BabyRage. I was then given a choice by deathnerd/knight to pick a role. So I picked support as I could play as brain dead as I wanted while still be useful. Supports only need to know how to press R .

Who’s the Tyrael one trick. Undead or Deathknight?

(Undead’s Tyrael was so scary that it was first banned back in season 2 ~ trait value too strong)

Undead: Why do you even need to ask? Deathknight doesn’t even pick even in death, such a noob. (I won’t play anymore because of someone removing imposing will SlothRage, so sadly Deathknight will be our one trick pony.) 

Deathknight: We have special compositions where we put Undead on Tyrael and use his perfect Even in Death usage to deal no dmg at all to the enemies and lose the fight 4v5!

You have a fairly stacked roster in division 1 but there are many good teams this season. What are your goals this season, and who do you see being the main challengers for the top of division 1 this season?

Ukkie: We (obviously) have the best roster out there, but we are a newer team, so top 3 is our goal. We’re not sure though what teams are joining us in the top 3, since we still have to see where the teams end up after the rosterpocalypse.

Double support meta seems to be talked a lot these past months but they don’t seem to be winning any games, at every level including HGC. What’s the story?

Deathknight: Double support actually has over 50% win rate in NA and Korea, almost 50% in EU and over 60% in China. I don’t know the stats for Lounge but that’s a pretty good win rate overall . Damage dealers who are really good against sustain double support comps like Malthael, heroes who can isolate one target from the team like Stitches or teams which are heavily focused on wave clear are quite popular and really good against it. Also double support is part of the meta for quite some time now and teams learned how to play against it. This makes double support lose more often than a few weeks ago, but it’s still a good team composition.

Doge: Samuro counters double support meta so be prepared to see a lot of him !

Opinions on cake?

Undead: Cake should become a national dish in every country SirSloth. If it isn't already, then something is wrong with humanity SlothCake . 

Deathknight: I personally prefer chocolate, but I guess cake is fine OSsloth. 

Ukkie: I like chocolate a lot too, but nothing tops off chocolate cake OpieOP.

Doge: It’s pretty good I guess. Needs to be a good cake though, don’t slack on the ingredients. 

Sven: Well… What kind of cake is it?

Any shoutouts?

Everyone: Shoutout to ( the GR is short for grief) and to Heroes Lounge for giving us the opportunity to feed on stream every week. 

Undead: Shoutout to the cake I’m currently eating while you are reading this.

That wraps out our interview with Grubs Sub Pride! Thank you to members of GSP for the interview, I hope you guys enjoyed it. As always if you have any feedback, suggestions, interview requests, or would just like to tell me how awesome the interviews are, you can always find me on discord. Any other kind of feedback, suggestion and criticism can always be directed at us through our Discord , or via Twitter or Facebook. Don’t be shy to come say hi, and meme with us. 

Also, Always have cake.


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