Feb 20, 2021 Poppinfresh Announcement EU Nexus Forces

Greetings defenders of the nexus! 

We are very happy to announce our upcoming Nexus Forces Tournament! 

The tournament is kindly sponsored by Tiplu GmbH.

What is it?

The Nexus Forces Tournament will give everyone who did not make it into Masters Clash a chance to compete on a high level. The Top 4 teams of the Nexus Forces Tournament will play in our Grand Finale against the 4 lower teams of Masters Clash. 

How to Qualify

To get into the top 4 teams in the Nexus Forces Tournament you have to participate in our three Qualifier Events which happen at the following dates 

Qualifier 1: 6th March and 7th March - Starting at 13:00 CET
Qualifier 2: 3rd April and 4th April - Starting at 13:00 CET
Qualifier 3: 1st May and 2nd May
Finals: 12th June and 13th June 

You can sign up for the second qualifier here:   Nexus Forces Tournament Qualifier 2 | Heroes Lounge 

The tournament is hosted in partnership with Heroes Lounge and will be run on the Heroes Lounge website. Once you have made it into the top 4 prepare your best drafts and heroes for the final. 

Qualifier Format

The qualifier will be a single elimination bracket. Each game will be a best of 3 until the Final which will be a best of 5. 

Based on your placement the following points will be awarded for each qualifier: 

1st Place - 12
2nd Place - 9
3rd-4th Place - 6
5th-8th. Place - 4

How to Register

If you want to compete in one of the qualifiers you can use an existing Lounge team, or alternatively details on how to to create a team can be found in our Signup Guide.

When you have a team ready you can sign up for Qualifier 1 here -   Nexus Forces Tournament Qualifier 2 | Heroes Lounge 

Prize Pool

The tournament has a prize pool of at least 800€. 

Half the prize Money will be distributed for qualifiers. After the last qualifier the 4 teams with the most points will receive the following prize money percentage:

1st Place: 40%;
2nd Place: 30%;
3rd Place: 20%;
4th Place: 10%

The other half of the prize pool will be distributed during the finals.
1st Place: 60%
2nd Place: 40%

So lets have fun together and we will see you in the nexus! 

Nexus Tournament Forces
SgtHater & TyphoonHawk


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