Sep 01, 2020 TinyMod Announcement Event

Let’s get ready, ready

Let’s get ready, ready

Let’s get ready, ready

Let’s get ready to rumble!!

We are proud to announce our very first **NEXUS RUMBLE** series!

This will be a winner stays on 'King of the Hill' series. These matches will provide entertainment for the viewers of Heroes Lounge and an opportunity for teams to compete, and of course get some valuable game time in! This will run alongside the EU regular season.

Who Can Play:

Any existing Heroes Lounge team can enter the Nexus Rumble. Split over two series each week.

  • The upper series for Divisions 1-4  
  • The lower series for Divisions 5-7

Competition Format:

The **Nexus Rumble** will consist of two best of 3 matches starting at 19:30 CEST every Sunday. There will be an upper and   lower series  every week. It will be a ‘winner stays on’ format (where possible) giving the chance for different teams to try and challenge the reigning champs!  

After the first week the opponents of the reigning team will be kept hidden until the match itself! Thus not giving the winning team any prep time! 

At the end of the season on the day of the draw show there will be the nexus rumble final! This will consist of the most consistent/best/most wins** team from the upper and lower facing off against each other. 


The Nexus Rumble matches start the coming Sunday the 6th of September at 19:30. And each Sunday after until the end of the EU Heroes Lounge season.

How to Enter:

Please complete this form before Friday 23:59 CEST on September 4th to be entered into the Rumble on Sunday 6th of September!

Teams will be chosen based on a multitude of factors such as, but not limited to, any rivalry/story with the current nexus rumble champ, performance in the regular season etc.

After week one, until the next Wednesday, you can register your interest. You will receive a discord message outlining further instructions and the schedule, and whether your team is or is not selected for that week's rumble.

We hope this can be a fun opportunity for competitors and spectators to see some cross division matches! Tune in this Sunday for the first Rumble!

Nexus Rumble will be brought to you by Transparent and Aviater. For any questions on this tournament, be sure to reach out to them in our discord!


Support desk update

Aug 30, 2020 TinyMod Announcement
We have improvements to our support system to share!


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