Dec 22, 2021 Transparent Announcement Nexus Rumble

Every week, we have had a weekly winner-stays-on competition, but that's about to change.

Still on Mondays...

Still at 20:00 CET..,.

But now an open weekly leaderboard!

That's right, we've condensed the Rumble down to two best-of-2s a week, and open to everyone.


Starting at 20:00 CET, teams that have signed up for that week will be matched against the best suited two opponents for the night.

20:00 CET first Best of 2 - map pool of 5,  (1 map ban each)

21:00 CET second Best of 2- new map pool of a different 5 maps (1 map ban each)

Every week, two games will be cast on the Heroes Lounge Channel, and every game is open for others to cast.

You earn 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

The Leaderboard will look similar to this:

At the end of the season, we will have an awards show, to recognise all the teams that participated and the best wins. 

We hope that the new format allows as many teams who want to compete and have something a little more extra than scrims, but also let teams come in and out of the competition if they aren't free for one week. 

If we have enough teams, sign up, we will split the competition into two, and upper and lower divisions. 

First Round

Signups open now!

First Rumble 10th of Jan, (check-in 19:00 CET)

Signups every week open the week before!


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