Dec 21, 2021 Phalop Amateur League Announcement EU

All of the teams have been rigged ready for Season 17! Of course by rigged we mean seeded in their respective divisions. 

You can find your division on our website. Our new division boundaries are as follows: 

Division Lower Upper
1+ 2981 -
1 2891 2980
2 2841 2890
3 2806 2840
4 2786 2805
5 2721 2785
6 2676 2720
7 - 2675

If you feel your team, or another team, has been seeded in a division too high or low or not even seeded at all, please contact the Moderators through the support desk channel, and make a team specific ticket. The seeding team will then get back to you. 

If you are asking for your own team to be reviewed, please make sure that your team have uploaded all their games onto HeroesProfile, and be ready to supply evidence of ingame rank (this season and earlier seasons) as well. 

We will be reviewing these cases before the start of the season on the 10th of January. Keep in mind that with the holidays, the response might be slower than usual and the seeding protests are also usually handled in batches at the same time so please be patient with us. 

Please visit to learn how to upload games to provide a more reliable MMR calculation. If you are a captains or free agent who wanted to sign up this season, but forgot, don't panic! There is still time! As above, make a ticket in our support desk channel. If you are a new team, or free agent team, you will soon be assigned an mentor! This mentor will help you meet your other players (if free agents) and get started in Lounge.


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