Sep 11, 2020 Transparent EU Nexus Rumble Recap

Hello there.

Now it was no ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ but it was definitely a lot of fun and I can’t speak on behalf of all of the viewers, but certainly on behalf of Transparent and I (Aviater) who casted, extremely entertaining on a Sunday evening!

If you missed it then be sure to check out the VODs over on the Heroes Lounge YouTube channel (Lower here and Upper here) and if you’re wondering what even is this “NEXUS RUMBLE” that I keep seeing?!?! - Then make sure to check out this blog post detailing it all or if you want to sign up fill out the form HERE.

With that being said, let’s dive right into what happened in the inaugural rumble.

Match 1 

Nexus Rumble - Lower
500ms vs The Rantners

Map 1: Cursed Hollow 

500ms tried a quadruple global strategy here with ETC going Stage Dive at level 10 and The Rantners decided to counter it by continuously roaming as 4 and securing gank after gank. KEKS showing off their maiev in this series! The highlight of this 1st map has to be the fight over the 4th Tribute, this was curse point for The Rantners so 500ms were not going to give this up easily! This fight saw all ultimates being used twice in this team fight and it lasted for over 2 minutes!! It wouldn’t be Cursed Hollow without a boss pit brawl and that’s exactly what happened at minute 16 in the game. 500ms did secure the boss, so they should win the game right? WRONG! - only the fruitfly survived the fight and The Ranters ignored the boss marching towards their core and ended the game - GG 0-1!

Map 2: Infernal Shrines 

A different draft from 500ms this game saw them go for their staple draft of Valla & Auriel. They used this to great effect in their previous regular seasons although often pairing it with double support. The Ranters on the other side going for a triple melee comp with main tank Imperius! This game was a lot more one sided than the previous with 500ms not losing a single Fort! 500ms utilised their high sustain draft to siege wherever possible. Drakvor on Auriel did work! An entomb at minute 15 looked good for The Ranters but 500ms responded in kind with a moshpit on the entomb! 500ms killed 3 and then marched to the core with their late game arcane punisher. GG 1-1!

Map 3: Dragon Shire

This final map was a close one and what more could we want in a best of 3 than a final frame decider that’s back and forth?! The experience bar at level 16 was inseparable with The Ranters ahead on kills 8-5, however structure wise 500ms were ahead here having secured the mid and bot fort fairly early on. The game changer though was at minute 15 in the game in which a fight, again, looked favourable for The Ranters however they forgot to factor one thing in...500ms obviously had a plan and their plan was “go for the throat”. Greymane secured 3 kills in a 1v3 scenario with the aid of some Deckard Cain potions here! The dragon knight was taken, and 500ms marched to victory through the bottom lane. GG 500ms takes the Lower Rumble 2-1! 

Match 2:

Nexus Rumble - 1 Higher
Goats for Hire vs Just Cause

Map 1: Braxis Holdout

In map number one of our Upper Series two Division 4 teams went to Braxis Holdout! Goats for Hire drafting a brave solo lane vikings, they were unfortunate to have technical issues calling for the brave BWBloody to step in as a substitute. Although this was a shock to Just Cause who fell victim to first blood. But this did not deter them from being able to pick up consecutive 100% zerg waves with a couple of kills from chromies temporal loop. Goats for Hire showed their best efforts for defence, Just Cause were able to overcome these defences though and were able to secure a victory. GG 0-1 !

Map 2 : Towers of Doom

Goats for hire use game 2 to shuffle their substitute onto a more comfortable role than offlane vikings. Both teams started the game diligently rotating and picking up their mercenary camps butas the first objective loomed Just Cause with their composition laden with slows were able to wear down Goats for Hire with the damage over time from Tea4ever’s Lunara. Throughout the game, Uther was just not able to keep their team alive and after relentless capturing of the bell towers Goats for Hire were left with 1 health point on their core. Unfortunately there were red sappers walking down the bottom lane and with the boss still available, Just cause had Goats for hire in a very close checkmate scenario. SneakyCheif and TrisJ tried tirelessly to displace Just Cause off the point, but some clever use of Iron Skin allowed for the point to be contested at 95%. Just cause then used all their might to overcome the pesky frontline of Goats for Hire and take back control to finish the game. GG 0-2 and Just Cause became our week 1 Nexus Rumble Upper Champions.

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Written by Aviater

I am a passionate caster and player looking to bring a bit of added entertainment to Heroes Lounge with the Nexus Rumble


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