Sep 23, 2020 Transparent EU Nexus Rumble Recap

Last Sunday the 20th we had a thrilling Nexus Rumble where once again, two teams took on our reigning champions, including a revenge rematch for division 5’s Lazer Sharks against Norweaklings after they had played just two days beforehand! EnCore stepped up from division 3 to take on Super Unstoppabros. If you wish to know the results, check out the VoDs on the Heroes Lounge twitch channel or continue reading below for a brief summary!

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But if you want to know what happened in our exciting matchups on Sunday night, keep reading below!

Match 1 

Nexus Rumble - Lower
Norweaklings vs Lazer Sharks

Map 1: Sky Temple 

Our Sunday night Lower series for the Nexus Rumble started off quite peculiarly with Norweaklings getting map pick, but opting for the casters to select the map for them. Much to their dismay Sky Temple was chosen. Lazer Sharks, having lost their match to Norweaklings 2-0 earlier last week, came out swinging aggressively contesting the vision point and picking up two kills to give them an early lead in experience. This deficit was quickly made up by some quick rotations from Norweaklings, soaking effectively and gaining themselves a kill in the process. But after trading temples in the first objective phase, Lazer Sharks became better prepared, evading gank attempts until the bottom temple. This was quickly dominated by Norweaklings showing their prowess in using their heroics in tandem and gaining 5 kills, a full temple and a boss. Now with a structure advantage, Norweaklings pressed their lead gaining further kills taking the first keep of the game with a bruiser camp, but not feeling confident enough to end the game at this point, they pulled back to attempt to utilise their advantage in a surprise gank on the Lazer Sharks bruiser camp. This however proved to be costly and was turned around to net Lazer Sharks two kills before the next objective phase and reduce the momentum that Norweaklings had. Once at level 20, Norweaklings  chose to look to take the boss, but out of desperation Lazer Sharks took the fight to them, and a crucial Lorenado gained them control of the point Meanwhile catapults threatened their core, they retreated to clear lanes as the boss they just stole took their first keep of the game. As the temple phase started in the top most point of the map, Norweaklings positioned to race the core and after some uncertainty made a bold attempt. But with 40% left on the core, and a successful defence, Lazer Sharks marched straight down bot lane to take the first victory of the series! GG 0-1 to Lazer Sharks!

Map 2: Dragon Shire 

After losing the first game, Norweaklings chose to have first pick, bringing us to Dragon Shire. After a back and forth trading places with almost symmetrical camp timing, Lazer Sharks defended off an early Dragon Knight but slowly lost control of the bot lane to additional pressure from the Norweaklings. When faced with a 2nd channel of the objective, Lazer Sharks attacked in self defence, with a wonderful wall from Bargui, they turn take three kills and capture the Dragon Knight for themselves. Soon after they ran out of health in the Dragon Knight, Norweaklings took their chance to return fire, taking successive kills and able to secure momentum and a final Dragon Knight for themselves. Norweaklings take game 2 to tie the series up. GG 1-1 

Map 3: Alterac Pass

Once again, Norweaklings with map pick let the casters take the pick. This time we head to Alterac pass with finally being picked up by one of the teams as well as Norweaklings looking to empower Bocken with an abathur. Due to their weaker early game Norweaklings were unable to challenge Lazer Sharks for the first two objectives causing Norweaklings to lose all 3 forts and a keep of theirs. As level 16 came around, the tide looked to be turning, with Norweaklings getting their first objective and ahead 9 kills to 5 and were able to take a keep of their own. After trading bosses, Lazer Sharks were forced to defend on their core, and were successful, Norweaklings not committing as the damage from Lazer sharks was just too much. Meanwhile Mid keep fell to the macro pressure Lazer sharks had, angry with this Norweaklings took a decisive team fight on the objective to have a 20 minute cavalry charge. In Norweaklings haste to push forward, DeckardCoin on Deckard Cain found a 4 man stay a while a listen allowing for Lazer Sharks to take enough kills to relieve pressure and take the almost bare core of Norweaklings themselves. GG Lazer Sharks take the series 1-2 to become our new Nexus Rumble Lower Series Champions!

Match 2:

Nexus Rumble - 1 Higher
Super Unstoppabros vs Encore

Map 1: Tomb of the Spider Queen

In our higher series we had a legendary battle between one of the top division 2 teams and a highly competitive division 3 EnCore. And EnCore came hot out of the gates not letting Super Unstoppabros get anything, taking the first couple of objectives and getting a crucial kill on a Louka who was carrying 100 gems! EnCore were slowly working them into submission using Maiev and Leoric expertly to disrupt any team fight, but at 18 minutes in, the reduced Entomb time of buried alive allowed Darkon on Kael’thas to narrowly escape death and turn the fight around. Super Unstoppabros were able to then get their own claws stuck in gaining back to back turn ins (with exactly enough gemsn) accompanied by a boss they forced EnCore to split their resources and were able to chain their crowd control to win a team fight and end the game. GG 1-0 to Super Unstoppabros.

Map 2 : Battlefield of Eternity

Once again Super Unstoppabros take us to Battlefield of Eternity for map 2. Encore drafted a risky late game composition, but made it work hard in the early game, gaining the first 4 kills in the game but losing the first objective by a narrow margin. This didn’t deter them as they came back swinging to secure the second. But at any opportunity Super Unstoppabros were appling marco pressure gaining both forts using sylvanas’s trait after a flurry of kills from Li-Ming. Super Unstoppabros were desperate to try to finish the game before level 16, but were only able to grab a keep. Yrel was soon targeted by EnCore, but after a fantastic wailing arrow from Murl0craete was able to turn it around enabling Super Unstoppabros to get a powerful Immortal and march it to victory.

 GG 2-0 and Super Unstoppabros became our first ever consecutive Nexus Rumble Upper Champions!

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Written by Transparent 

EU League Manager and Nexus Rumble coordinator. Loiters in Division 2 and keeps the peace in discord.


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