Oct 02, 2020 Transparent EU Nexus Rumble Recap

In one of our most exciting Sundays ever, the Nexus Rumble proved that no matter what your division number, you can put on a fantastic display of play. Lazer Sharks were challenged for their newly acquired Nexus Rumble crown by top division 6 team Für Rum und Ähre. Meanwhile in our upper series, back to back week winners Super Unstoppabros face Division 2 rivals Food for Frobius. If you wish to know the results, check out the VoDs on the Heroes Lounge twitch channel or continue reading below for a brief summary!

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(we are switching to Mondays next week due to the NA playoffs)

But if you want to know what happened in our exciting matchups on Sunday night, keep reading below!

Match 1 

Nexus Rumble - Lower

Lazer Sharks vs Für Rum und Ähre

Map 1: Sky Temple 

Lazer Sharks came out of the gate looking dominant, showing what it meant to be Division 5 to our Division 6 challengers, they quickly took the lead using Lucios speed boost to intelligently disengage and Sylvanas’ Black Arrows Trait to take the first keep of the game and get a decent chunk of damage onto the Für Rum und Ähre core. But in the process they had costly sacrifices.

Für Rum und Ähre were then able to get their claws, mace and psi-blades stuck into this game. Able to find kills in successful team fights extending the game to level 20 where Kazzim on Greymane got incredible tooth and claw value in the bunched up team fights allowing for Für Rum und Ähre to have their own unsucessful core call! At this point it could have gone either way! But a swift engage under their own Immortal from Für Rum und Ähre caused a prolonged team fight that ended with Lazer Sharks only having Lucio to try and defend the core, but it wasn’t enough to stop Für Rum und Ähre.
 GGs 0-1 to Für Rum und Ähre!

Map 2: Infernal Shrines 

Game two saw a lot of confidence coming from Für Rum und Ähre maintaining strong rotations in the early game and despite falling behind on kills early on, took the first fort comfortably with coordinated use of Dehaka. Even when unable to contest the objective, they made sure to get extra value on the map. Lazer Sharks made great use of their crowd control to gain some control, but found it hard to stay healthy in the longer fights due to Uther’s long cooldowns. Still, Lazer Sharks picked up a level 20 punisher having soaked minions more effectively the whole of the game but still unable to take a keep after a formidable defence from Für Rum und Ähre. As both teams gathered around the bottom camp, Arligan on the Dehaka prepared his flank, getting a sweet contagious spread of Isolation onto both Greymane and Orphea, effectively removing all damage from Lazer Sharks, Für Rum und Ähre were able to take a 4-1 trade and followed up to burst down the bottom keep.

Shortly after the objective spawned on the top shrine, with a back and forth fight the punisher went over to Lazer sharks, opening up the map leaving Für Rum und Ähre with only one keep, but in the process took 43% damage on their core. Just like game one, both teams were feeling incredibly vulnerable. Für Rum und Ähre realising they were slow to get to the objective went for a very brave back door attempt, but with clever use of blessed shield and positioning D’va to stop Lazer Sharks defending, Für Rum und Ähre were able to close out game number 2. GGs 0-2 our new Lower Nexus Rumble Champions are Für Rum und Ähre!

Match 2:

Nexus Rumble - Higher

Super Unstoppabros vs Food For Frobius

Map 1: Infernal Shrines

These two division 2 teams had many spicey words to say to each other, forming a rivalry as Super Unstoppabros wanted to hold onto their crown for the 3rd week in a row, but Food For Frobius were here to prove themselves from past scrims and maybe future matches. The early part of this game was far more patient than what we had seen  from the lower series, both teams systematically taking their camps, but with Food For Frobius using clever use of Falstad and Leoric rotations to gain the first kill of the game. Keeping this momentum they picked up the first punisher of the game. After a speedy defense, Haelen came out aggressively chasing down Fiz to take him out. The race for level 10 was on, but both teams reached there at almost even times. The next objective went to Food For Frobius and after taking the first fort, they rotated down and picked up a kill on Rexxar as well. FFF kept the pressure on, taking all 3 forts but on the next objective, Super Unstoppabros fought back, although it was valiantly defended. Food For Frobius patiently waited for level 20 now, and with some creative use of Mighty Gust were able to find some crucial kills to be able to close out the game. GG 0-1 to Food For Frobius

Map 2 : Tomb of the Spider Queen

Map 2 saw the return of Haelans Kerrigan. This time a more aggressive build looking to stack the Ravenous Blade quest on level 4. Food For Frobius without having a kill were able to secure the first turn in and got all the outer towers. Post level 10, a very neat CC chain brought an opening for Super Unstoppabros to get their objective, but is swiftly taken care of. A level 16 tussle over Super Unstoppabros bruiser camp proved incredibly costly for them as Food For Frobius were able to get 4 kills and deny over 130 gems. Food For Frobius take a keep and turn to take the boss. But the throw pit is called the throw pit for a reason. Blaze using Unstoppable incredibly to get on the point which is quickly followed by damage from the rest of his team get a 5 man team wipe!

But without enough gems to return in, they can only make a light push. Post level 20, both teams gather gems, but as the turn in looked close, Food For Frobius engaged on Kerrigan. This was swiftly countered by a tour bus Mosh Pit, creating a turn in opportunity. On a push down the middle lane, Super Unstoppabros went for core, but a Might Gust flank from falstad put too many players out of position. Food For Frobius were able to clear up 4 kills, and march straight to core.

GG 0-2 Food for Frobius take down the goliaths that were Super Unstoppabros to become our new Nexus Rumble Upper Champions!

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Written by Transparent 

EU League Manager and Nexus Rumble coordinator. Loiters in Division 2 and keeps the peace in discord.


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