Oct 10, 2020 Poppinfresh EU Nexus Rumble Recap

Despite being moved from Sunday to Monday to accommodate for the NA Epic Cup. We still had a plethora of good games to display! Für Rum und Ähre were challenged for their newly acquired champion position by The Bacon Landlords. In the Upper series the plucky Division 3 team SCP Leviathan wanted to look to take down Food for Frobius.

If you wish to know the results, check out the VoDs on the Heroes Lounge twitch channel or continue reading below for a brief summary!

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But if you want to know what happened in our exciting matchups on Sunday night, keep reading below!

Match 1 

Nexus Rumble - Lower

Für Rum und Ähre vs The Bacon Landlords 

Map 1: Volskya Foundry

The early movements of Volskya were on point for The Bacon Landlords, getting their turret camp immediately as it spawned and timing their siege camp with the objective. But after a wrestle for the first protector, with both teams stalling out at 99%, Für Rum und Ähre take the objective. Rotating it top lane to try and open the fort, they manage to take the front wall, but not without The Bacon Landlords retaliating by Aramorg using Warlords Challenge to secure a kill in return giving them the necessary breathing space to return to pre-objective rotations. At the top control point was opening up, Für Rum und Ähre took the initiative and found Zagara and took down her down as she was alone in the mid lane. This is when they began their item monopoly. By gaining level 16 and having more items than The Bacon Landlords, they muscled their way onto the point and gained the second protector uncontested. But after a fantastic defence, they are only able to gain one fort with it.
As we approach level 20 Für Rum und Ähre are able to pick up a few more kills and use this presence to gain all The Bacon Landlords’ forts. Level 20 hits but Xul is sniped in the top lane, causing Für Rum und Ähre to back off the bottom objective even though they are a talent tier ahead. The Bacon Landlords use momentum to get some opportunities and get the team fights to go their way. The 4th objective spawns and Für Rum und Ähre but again The Bacon Landlord make their stand and with a little help from Arcon Li-Ming take their first forts of the game.
    The map starting to open up, Für Rum und Ähre look like they want to try to end the game in the middle lane, but with Twilight Arcon running out for SoftIce, they couldn’t quite pull the trigger. Allowing an incredible sleep dart into a fantastic Entomb. The Bacon Landlords found themselves with almost a whole team wipe, enabling them to gain to upper hand on the 5th(!) objective, and siege down the top lane to finish the game. GG 0-1 to The Bacon Landlords.

Map 2: Towers of Doom 

The game starts off with a brave invasion from Für Rum und Ähre which gains them an early camp, but at the cost of losing two heroes they fall slightly behind in experience. Despite this, they use the global advantage of Dehaka to gain themselves superior position on the bottom objectives allowing for them to have a early lead that extended into the mid game. The Bacon Landlords fall to 4 hit points on their core. This inspires them to take action, finding the spirit to aggressively take kills and the bottom bell tower. 

    With some epic throws from Aramorg, they keep their momentum, forcing sappers into the enemy core and getting the game to a 15-4 stage with 12 kills each. But Arligan found the opportunity to claim some structures for Für Rum und Ähre and when a double objective spawned, Für Rum und Ähre channeled one and were not interrupted, ending the game. GG to Für Rum und Ähre 1-1!

Map 3: Battlefield of Eternity

Für Rum und Ähre brought TK3 on samuro this game, facing off against Lorithalion on Thrall in the top lane. As they fought top lane, in bot there was a contest over the first camp of the game. Für Rum und Ähre took two heroes down giving them an early lead causing The Bacon Landlords to not get much damage done to the first two immortals. 

Using the second immortal as a distraction TK3 on Samuro pushes in the alternate lanes gaining more and more ground over The Bacon Landlords. With this map pressure Für Rum und Ähre gain the 3rd immortal taking the first keep of the game and after a wild goose chase to kill Hinata on Deckard Cain, they keep the momentum flowing to secure the 4th and final immortal with ease. GG 2-1 to Für Rum und Ähre our back to back Nexus Rumble Lower Champions!

Match 2:

Nexus Rumble - Higher

Food For Frobius vs SCP Leviathan

Map 1: Tomb of the Spider Queen

Our new Upper champions face their first challengers on Tomb of the spider queen opting for and aggressive stun composition. They use Hat on Rexxar to gain an early kill and rotational advantage picking up further kills afterwards to get the first objective of the game and all the exterior towers. SCP Leviathans struggled to gain a grip in the early to mid game as Kel'thuzad was not able to find the early stacks they so desperately wanted. After another web weaver wave from Food For Frobius taking all the forts on SCP Leviathans side, SCP Leviathans get their own turn in. But with Kael’thas against them they struggle to get value. Food For Frobius turn in one more time to get two keeps and level 20 confirming a final boss capture and push to end the game.  
GG 1-0 to Food For Frobius

Map 2 : Sky Temple

We get a rare Sky temple game for game number two where Fiz pulls out his staple Falstad and SCP Leviathans try to go for their adaption of a stun chain with ETC and Tyrande. After an early brusier camp push, the first Temple phase gains Food For Frobius an easy fort and every important Sky Temple structure lead.
An early level 10 advantage was attempted by Food For Frobius, but with SCP Leviathans able to dodge and defend they turn around with their heroic abilities and confirm the bottom temple for themselves! Almost equally trading further objectives, Level 16 hits and Food For Frobius try to make the most of it. Once again SCP Leviathans parry them away trading kills 2 for 1 and getting a boss to push into a keep.
    Just as they take the keep Fiz on his Falstand using gust to find some kills and halt the progress towards the core. With Level 20 coming in, SCP Leviathans make their move while Falstad is away, but this time Food for Frobius steps back, dodging 3 heroics of SCP Leviathans. On the chase Food For Frobius surround their enemies and with one mighty gust pick up enough takedowns to give them the confidence to head straight for the core and end the game. GG Food For Frobius win their 2nd week 2-0.

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Written by Transparent 

EU League Manager and Nexus Rumble coordinator. Loiters in Division 2 and keeps the peace in Discord.


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