Sep 18, 2018 #Rigged

It's hard to believe that the first part of season 7 of Heroes Lounge is about to finish in less than two weeks time, but here we are. A lot of teams are still on the hunt for one of those scarce playoff spots, extending their season and keeping up their hopes of hoisting some plastic hardware when all is said and done. Rest assured, the games featured in this #RIGGED are the very best matchups with the highest tension riding on them, but this comes with a catch. Rather than giving you one match for each division with a more detailed description, we'll show you most of the deciding matches with some cold hard facts and the team's win-loss records. To end this introduction, good luck to everyone still in the running for the postseason, may the sloths guide you to victory!

Division 1

First of all, congratulations to Memeldors Meme Machines, The Good Guys, EPG Frozen and Project HIVE Gaming who have already collected 7 wins and therefore cannot drop below the 10th place! Behind them, things are still wide open.

The Good Guys (7-8) vs. Don Our Fedoras (6-9)

Enter one of the oldest, memeist and best teams in Heroes Lounge history: Don Our Fedoras. While they are sitting at 6 wins and a comfortable 5th place right now, they are one of the few teams that only have one series left to play and if the stars align badly, they might be overtaken by the teams behind them and still drop out. As mentioned before, The Good Guys have already qualified, but they wouldn't be the good guys if they'd not try their hardest to also win this series.

Project HIVE Gaming (7-8) vs. Avada Kadab*** (5-8)

The team of Avada Kada-insert-Russian-insult has already gotten one more win than they did in their first season in division 1 and with a week 9 game against Cartman's in Pyjamas it is likely for them to collect a sixth win. While this would already be a nice improvement, it would be heartbreaking for them not to reach the playoffs. To be safely assured a spot however, they'll need to also defeat Project HIVE Gaming, who fall in the same category as The Good Guys: qualified but deadly.

Memeldors Meme Machines (8-8) vs. Ryzing Gaming (5-8)

Poor, poor Ryzing Gaming. They need at least one win out of their last two games and they have to face unbeaten Memeldors Meme Machines in round 10. To add insult to injury, their week 9 opponents are second place team The Good Guys.

Division 2

In division 2, no team has qualified yet and everything hints at division 2 being this seasons mod nightmare when it comes to tie-breakers.

OverPower (6-8) vs. The Forever Alones (6-9)

Team OverPower, in their very first season in Heroes Lounge, are on the brink of also making the Championship playoffs. The only problems are their week 9 opponent BushBoysCollective and The Forever Alones, who in what feels like their 27th season want to make up for their mid-season slump with a seventh win that could put them into the divisions top 6.

Oil Rig (6-8) vs. EnCore (6-9)

Out of all the teams in division 2, EnCore exemplifies the problem better than any other team. Despite having won six out of nine, they are in 7th place right now, just on the outside looking in. Winning against Oil Rig is an absolute must for them and they'll still need some help to qualify.

TryHard (7-9) vs. Nexus Junkies (6-8)

Best example you say? Hold on a second, there's also TryHard who are as of now sitting at #1. If they lose to the Nexus Junkies though, there is a chance they'd still drop out of it at the very last second.

Division 3

BrownHorseGang, you have done it! With eight wins in their first season and 17 map wins in total, you've secured yourself a playoff spot, congratulations! Behind them however...

For The Murlocs (6-8) vs. Team TableFlip (6-8)

Two also new teams to Heroes Lounge, one of them is highly likely to represent division 3 in the post season and it might very well be the winner of this match. Both For The Murlocs and Team TableFlip have to overcome other opponents with 6 wins in round 9 first though, if they can enter round 10 with 7 wins each, you can also consider the winner of this contest a serious favourite for the Heroes Lounge Cup.

Sloth Sanctuary (7-9) vs. Murder Inc. (6-8)

Depending on the outcome of Murder Inc.'s week 9 match against Team Lilium, this series could give us our second eight win team of the season. Both teams have a good shot at qualifying. Sloth Sanctuary could potentially secure themselves a playoff spot even with a 1:2 loss here.

Hordlinge (6-8) vs. Team Lilium (5-8)

It's the last #RIGGED of the season, Hordlinge are still in the hunt, so try and stop me from mentioning my own team BabyRage. Also Team Lilium is not out of the running yet, they need to overcome both Murder Inc. and Hordlinge to have a chance though.

Division 4

Hooray for Death By Monkeys  and Jormungandr, both at 8-9, who can't be pushed out of the top 5 anymore! Of course that also means that there's only three spots left...

Czech Mates (6-9) vs. Treehouse Gaming (6-9)

What a great final in division 4 as one of those two teams will reach the seven win plateau! Unluckily for Czech Mates and Treehouse Gaming, it's not a win-and-you're-in scenario as there are a whopping 7 (!) teams with a 5-8 record waiting in the wings with potential to overtake either of the two.

From Scratch (5-8) vs. Fish Named Wunda (5-8)

Two of those teams, From Scratch and Fish Named Wunda, have a decent chance to also be at 6-9 when this match happens, which would also make this a series that could produce a 7-win team.

Jormungandr (8-9) vs. Cupcakes Anonymous (7-9)

Do you know that feeling when you need a map win against one of the best teams in your division to make your playoff dreams come true? Cupcakes Anonymous sure does, because while they certainly are holding the inside track right now, they could still be overtaken.

Division 5

Things in division 5 are a bit more complicated with no team qualified just yet, but Sköna Lirare and Southgate Boiz being in control of their destiny at 7-8.

Sköna Lirare (7-8) vs. Owl Exterminators (6-9)

Bare in mind that by the time this match happens, Sköna Lirare might already have qualified, so I urge you all to root for the Owl Exterminators. Not to be biased or anything, but can we please have the Owl Exterminators vs. TinyOwl become a reality?

Southgate Boiz (7-8) vs. PLagueMakers (6-8)

See the last game, but without the additional owl incentive. PLagueMakers are currently holding the final playoff spot but unfortunately for them, they have to face the Southgate Boiz and also Earthworm Defence Force in week 9. Speaking of which...

Earthworm Defence Force (6-8) vs. Cult of Emperor Physicsman (5-9)

EDF have done the impossible in beating Sköna Lirare 2:1, a feat that alone should grant them access to the playoffs. As it doesn't though, they'll have to defeat PLagueMakers and Cult of Emperor Physicsman to make it. For the Cult, chances are slim to reach the top five, but not entirely impossible with a win here.

Do you think we've missed anything? Well you'll have to wait for next season to get them fixed, but feel free to still DM @juliandoom on Discord to get those crucial mistakes fixed.


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