Aug 31, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU

And so we reach the halfway point in Season 10 EU. Any teams that may have had a less than ideal start will need to start racking up some wins soon if they are hoping to get back on track to qualify for the end of season playoffs.

Division 1

xrayy wins these everyday vs Taz´Dingo! 
Match Link

Chelvin and co of team xrayy wins these everyday have started this season brightly with 4 wins from 4. Last season they made it through to the knockout stages of the Mythic Championship, winning their first game before losing to eventual finalists Hold My Beer. Taz’Dingo are a new team who are made up almost exclusively of players who haven’t competed in Lounge before. Also with a perfect record so far over 3 matches they can be pleased with the start they have made which has included wins over experienced teams Senior Citizen Club and Wonder William Gang.

While xrayy have drafted a wide variety of meta heroes, they have also included a bit of spice in their draft with appearances from The Lost Vikings and Zarya. These heroes have appeared twice and three times respectively, with both having a 100% win rate. Taz’Dingo have to my disappointment not drafted Zul’jin yet this season, but there is still plenty of time for that. Their most picked hero is Alexstrasza at 4 picks with 100% win rate, who they will be hoping can use her Flame Buffet ability to make a nice tasty buffet of their enemies.

Division 2

L.O.G.I.A vs Ravenclaw
Match Link

L.O.G.I.A are a fresh team full of fresh faced sloths, with the exception of Demyx who played a handful of games back in Season 8. Winning 2 of their games so far they managed to topple one of the more favoured teams in the division KittyKat Krusaders. Their opponents Ravenclaw were formerly known as FAT Spongebob at the start of this season before undergoing a name change. With 2 wins from 4 so far they have impressed with a win over Team Hotsy and managed to take Lounge veterans The Forever Alones to map 3 before losing the series.

An early key to L.O.G.I.A’s success may be the troll warlord Zul’jin who has brought them success all 3 times they have picked him, teams may have to stop making way for the bad guy and ban him before he finds more victim for his axe. Ravenclaw have attracted 3 bans for Kel’thuzad against them, at the same time they have picked him 3 times with a 0% win rate but despite this tastybread’s  proficiency with the hero still instils fear into their enemies. In contrast they have won all 3 games they have drafted Jimmy Raynor.

Division 3

4.FuN ! vs Baldej
Match Link

After finishing 6th in Division 5 back in Season 8, French/Belgian team 4.FuN ! are back and ready to see how they fare in Division 3. So far they have won 3 of their 4 games, certainly an impressive start to their campaign. Baldej are in their debut season in lounge, and are currently sitting on a 50% win rate after their first 4 games. One of the members of their team is Russia language Heroes Lounge caster Arti. 

4.FuN ! find comfort in picking up E.T.C, who clocks in with an 80% winrate so far. We have yet to see them pair Uther with the aforementioned cow, something which we saw often when they competed a couple of seasons ago when they treated us to some truly divine moshes. Baldej have so far leaned towards choosing Rehgar as their support in 4 of the 6 times they could have drafted the mean green shaman. Johanna and Sylvanas round off their most picked heroes coming in with 3 picks apiece.

Division 4

Magical Liopleurodon vs Gaming in the Rhythm
Match Link

Starting out in Season 7 as a free agent team FAT Liopleurodon shed a few pounds, gained magical powers and reached their final form which you currently see competing in Heroes Lounge. A shining example of the free agent system, these Liopleurodons are going into their 4th season in lounge, and will be hoping to push on after reaching the semi finals of the Epic Cup last time out. Gaming in the Rhythm are certainly no strangers to Lounge themselves, having competed for several seasons. Having recently competed in Division 2, this team has moved down to Division 4 due to roster changes. With 4 out of 4 wins so far, they have already shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in this division.

So far this season Magical Liopleurodon have found success with Gul’dan and Johanna, these heroes both having an 80% win rate over 5 picks. Having won every single map so far it is a little hard to tell which heroes are the standout performers for Gaming in the Rhythm. Instead let us focus on a couple of heroes we don’t see quite as often, the Lord of Hatred Mephisto has appeared 6 times in this unbeaten streak. The second hero to highlight is Lunara who has hippity hopped her way into 4 games.

Division 5

DiVeOrDeLeTe vs Moustaches
Match Link

New team DiVeOrDeLeTe is competing in it’s first season in lounge, but is not completely fresh as it is partly made up of former members of Happy Feed which competed in Season 7. Moustaches come into their second season with Lounge, and after dominating Division 6 last season they have been rewarded with promotion up one tier.

Both of these teams have perfect records so far, and have even yet to drop a single map, but that won’t last much longer of course. 

DiVe’s most picked hero is Leoric with 5 games, he is certainly meta but perhaps not a hero you would expect at the top of the list. A solitary appearance from Li Li appeases the writer of this blog post. Moustaches have impressed so far with an Abathur Tracer combo that has picked up wins on the two occasions they have drafted it. Despite not being the most meta hero, Artanis has been picked up twice in the offlane so far.

Division 6

Fishmekan vs Renai Clan
Match Link

Narrowly missing out on qualifying for the Rare Cup last season due to inferior map wins, Fishmekan will be hoping to do one better this time out. Despite being a new team Renai Clan is certainly not a team lacking in experience, lounge veteran Kirika captains the team which contains a few other former players from Jaina the Frost Mage as well as Heroes Lounge blog writer and long time Lounge player shinyhero.

Looking at Fishmekan they haven’t really committed too heavily to a certain group of heroes, the only hero they have played more than twice is Anduin at 4 times. With a wide hero selection such as this other teams are likely to struggle to target ban effectively against them. Renai Clan have prioritised Jaina so far winning 4 out of 6 times with her. Johanna, Alarak and Malfurion follow closely in terms of games played with 75% win rates over 4 games.

Division 7

Red Dragon Gambling vs FAT Doctor Who
Match Link

First up in Division 7 we have new team Red Dragon Gambling, who in their own German words describe themselves as "A horny bunch". How this impacts their performance in Lounge remains to be seen but they have won all of their 3 matches so far. Up against them is free agent team FAT Doctor Who who have stormed their way into this season with an impressive 3 wins out of 4 so far.

Red Dragon are a part of the perfect record club, having not dropped a single map. E.T.C has shown to be their most drafted hero so far with 4 picks, and as for obscure picks Nazeebo has voodoo'd his way into draft twice.In their impressive start FAT Doctor Who are keeping it exciting with their drafts, they have treated us to uncommon heroes Cho'gall, Murky, Rexxar and The Lost Vikings.

And that's all we have time for this week, a big thank you to every one of you beautiful sloths who have taken the time to read this. Make sure to keep an eye out on our Discord in the #content channel for regular updates about our latest blog posts!


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