Sep 07, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU

Round 6 awaits in Heroes Lounge EU, once this round of games have been played we will be able to start looking at which teams will be hoping to qualify for their respective Cups/Championship at the end of the season.

Division 1

Ujemne Win Ratio vs Wheel of ORDAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH?
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Ujemne Win Ratio currently have anything but what their name would imply, 4 wins out of 4 so far leaves them sitting joint top of the Heroes Lounge pyramid. Last season Ujemne finished 3rd in Division 1, and are in fine form to either match or better that performance this season. Wheel of ORDAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH? Are a team of familiar and experienced sloths who are competing in their second season under this team name. Last time out they made it to the knockout stage of the Mythic Championship and have made a positive start towards qualifying once again by winning 3 out of 4 matches so far.

Chromie is a hero of interest when looking at Ujemne, having been picked up twice with success on both occasions. In return teams have banned her out 3 times. Jimmy Raynor leads the way in terms of picks, appearing 4 times with a perfect record. Wheel’s standout pick is the Master-blaster himself, Gazlowe. Appearing twice he has engineered success for the team on both occasions. Other less common picks from this team include Azmodan, Zagara and Xul.

Division 2

Nexus Junkies vs Asgard Support
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Nexus Junkies are going into their fourth season in Lounge, their record of 6 wins out of 10 was enough to qualify for the Legendary Cup and they will be hoping to match or better that this season. Asgard Support have jumped up to Division 2 from Division 4, and have made a decent start to life in a higher division with 2 wins from 4 games

Raynor, Tyrande and Johanna have been at the forefront of Nexus Junkies’ drafts this season, all with 5 picks. Misha has carried Rexxar into the nexus for them on 3 occasions with a 100% winrate. Asgard Support have drafted everyones favourite Goblin, Gazlowe on 3 occasions with a 33% win rate. The Lost Vikings helped the team towards victory in the sole game they were drafted, but the one occasion we saw Cho’gall was not a success.

Division 3

Don Our Fedoras vs Fridry Hunter
Match Link

Long time Heroes Loungers Don Our Fedoras are playing at a lower level than Division 1 for the first time since season 4. They have started very strongly winning all 5 of their matches so far and only dropping a single map in the process. Fridry Hunter are in their second season in Lounge, and have performed well this season after moving up a Division. 3 wins out of 4 showing early signs that they can compete in a higher Division.

Rehgar is leading the charge for Fedoras, winning all 6 of the games where has has been drafted. He is but one of 32 different heroes that they have drafted so far this season, certainly a team who are showing their flexibility. Fridry have prioritised Hanzo so far in their drafts, featuring him 5 times and he has repaid them by helping them win 3 of those games. Arthas and Gul’dan follow closely behind with 3 wins out of 4 picks each.

 Division 4

Bunter Haufen vs Hokus Pocus, Morales gets Focus
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A fresh team full of fresh faced sloths, Bunter Haufen have made a fairly strong start to their life in Lounge 3 wins out for 5. Hokus Pocus, Morales gets Focus are another team in their debut season and have started off in a positive fashion winning 4 of their 5 matches, showing they are a force to be reckoned with in this division. 

The most seen hero coming out in draft for Bunter Haufen have a 100% winrate with Maiev over 4 games, prompting other teams to ban her out 5 times against them. They also have utilised The Lost Vikings 3 times also with a perfect record, another hero to be wary of when facing them. Hokus Pocus have mostly used Hanzo and Rehgar for ensuring Morales gets focused, both being picked 4 times with a 75% win rate. E.T.C. has won all 3 games they have picked him which has included in the main tank role and over in the offlane.

Division 5

Turtle Team vs Potatoes007
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Turtle Team have leapt all the way from Division 7 to Division 5 this season, they were runners up last season with 8 wins out of 10. So far this season they have won 2 of their 5 matches,but there is still time for them to turn their season around with a good run of results. Facing them in this round is reigning Rare Cup champions Potatoes007, who themselves have moved up from Division 6. Their record so far matches that of Turtle team winning 2 out of 5, and will have to step up their game if they hope to achieve playoff glory once more in the Epic Cup bracket.

The most played heroes for Turtle Team are Raynor, Anub’arak and Li Ming but unfortunately they have all lost the 3 games where they were drafted. Greymane who was one of their more favoured heroes last season, has won one of the two games he has been involved with but has also attracted 4 bans. Potatoes are still striking fear into their enemies with Luci’s Kel’thuzad, winning the 1 game it was drafted and being banned a further 4 times. E.T.C and Li Ming have been the most popular hero choices for this group of spuds, both sitting at a 25% winrate after 4 games.

Division 6

Protect Ya Nexus vs Operation Petticoat
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Veteran Lounge team Protect Ya Nexus have not had the best start to this season, only winning 1 of their 5 matches. Operation Petticoat are in their first season in Lounge, and have not had the best of starts, losing their first 4 matches and not being able to register a single map win. Both of these teams have the potential to use this game to kick start their season

The Angel of Death Mathael tops the picks for Protect Ya Nexus, appearing 5 times with a 40% win rate. Twice they have picked up Li Li with a 50% winrate, and have even had her banned against them once. A hero of note that Operation Petticoat have drafted is D.Va who has appeared once for them. With 0 map wins it can be hard to tell who has been a strong pick for this team but Raynor, Tyrande and Johanna are amongst their most played heroes. 

Division 7

The Rantners vs FrUk Unleashed
Match Link

The Rantners are a team with a fantastic logo and avatars and are currently in their second season in Lounge. With 3 wins out of 5 so far it is fair to say they have made a strong start to the season. On the other side of this contest we have FrUk Unleashed who are joining their opponents in their second season of Lounge and also have an identical record. Last season these teams finished with 4 and 5 wins respectively and will be hoping to improve on that this season in the hope of qualifying for the Rare Cup.

The Rantners have put their faith in Panda Power this season picking both Chen and Li Li 3 times, with Li Li proving more successful than her Uncle by winning 2 matches to his 1. Their most played heroes are Greymane and Arthas who have both appeared 6 times in draft.

Tassadar isn’t a hero we see too often, and if we do it’s paired with a hypercarry hero. FrUk Unleashed aren’t concerned by this and pick him regardless, but with a 60% win rate over 5 matches it can be hard to argue with them. Johanna is their tank of choice being picked 4 times with a 100% success rate.

That’s enough rigging for one week, thanks for reading!

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