Sep 10, 2019 Grier Amateur League EU Weekly Recap

The season feels like it's only just started, but we have just hit the halfway point, so let’s take a look at how things are panning out for the current top 10.

Top 10 Review:

#1 TSEA Link

The big match last round was The SOPS vs TSEA Link and it's the latter that came out on top. The first map was Tomb, where a Tychus and Malthael took advantage of poor old Dibbles, securing the win after 18 mins and a two level lead.
A respect ban against Malthael on Volskaya led to a much closer second game, lasting nearly 30 mins and getting to level 25 before TSEA Link finally came out on top.
So they have still not dropped a map and are the clear favourites against Digital Storming in Round 6.

#2 DiVeOrDeLeTe

Taking their name far too literally, DiVeOrDeLeTe were briefly deleted from Div 5 after failing to schedule their match against Moustaches. They have now been reinstated and granted the win, but not in time to have a round 6 match allocated.

#3 Jaina The Frost Mage

Jaina continue their winning ways with a dominate performance vs the Unorganized Screaming Baboons. Starting with a rare visit to Garden of Terror, a fairly standard comp of JoJo, Kael'thas, Greymane, Stukov and Sonya beat a schizophrenic comp of Stitches, Anna, Lunara, Thrall and Kerrigan.
The Baboons tried another unique composition on Battlefield of Eternity, but a 10 death solo tank Blaze did not seem to be the answer they were looking for, with Jaina taking the map after 16 mins.
They will probably need to beat Team CATapult in round 6 to maintain their top 3 spot.

Match to watch - Jaina the Frost Mage vs Team CATapult - 12th September 20:30 CEST
Match Link

#4 The SOPS

Their first defeat of the season has knocked The SOPS off the top spot and relegated them to 4th. Their Round 6 match against FAT Bones will be one to watch, they are currently tied on points, can The SOPS get back to their winning ways?

Match to watch - The SOPS vs FAT Bones - 15th September 16:00 CEST
Match Link

#5 FAT Bones

Them FAT Bones have climbed two places after their victory against Team CATapult, knocking the latter out of the top 10 (though I suspect they will bounce back soon).
The CATs were dominated in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines, nineteen kills to zero and a four level lead made short work of it for Bones. Greymane ran away will the kill count, although he owes some of the thanks to the Protection and Portals gifted by Medivh.
Game 2 on Dragon Shire was a lot closer with FAT Bones' Deckard struggling to keep his back line alive against a determined Tracer. In the end though FAT Bones out muscled Team CATapult to take the win. Round 6 against The SOPS will be a tough test.

#6 Tactical Suicide

Moving up four places after their win over the Sloth Highlords, Tactical Suicide have a bit of momentum behind them. Round 6 sees them playing some Unorganized Screaming Baboons.


Jumping up to into the top 10 is the stream of the man known as Khaldor. The memes continue into the picks, with Hammer on Volskaya and Murkathur on Cursed Hollow against Noche en el Nexo; paired with a fairly conventional Johanna and Jaina. The result was two clear wins, but will it be enough to draw Khaldor's attention enough to cast the replays? Next up for Round 6 is TryTryHard.

#8 Digital Storming

Down two is Digital Storming after a loss to Treehouse Gaming. The three game series started on Volskaya, Digital Storming having plenty of sustain with ETC, Raynor, Greymane, Cry Baby Anduin and Chen against Treehouses' Garrosh, Hanzo, Zeratul Ana and Arthas. The Chen feed was outweighed by the Zeratul feed and Digital Storming took game 1.
Game 2 was on Alterac and a dominating performance from Treehouse, Gazlowe and Dehaka outsoaked Digital Storming ending the game in under 16 minutes.
The final game was on Infernal Shrines and once again Digital Storming got out soaked, this time with a Falstad paired with the Dehaka. It took 18 minutes, but a clear win for Treehouse to take the match. Even worse news for Digital Storming is that they face unbeaten TSEA Link in Round 6.

#9 Nexus Most Wanted

Another team who have jumped up from Division 7, the Nexus Most Wanted burst into the top 10 with a win over Turtle Team who were also in Division 7 last season. The pairing of ETC and Sylvanas were used in both games and are moving towards the top of the Most Wanted pick list, the Yrel pocket pick did not make an appearance though after being banned in game one and out of favour in game 2.
Next round sees them facing Noche en el Nexo.

#10 Treehouse Gaming

After their win over Digital Storming, Treehouse have moved their way into 10th place. Round 6 against Johnny Sins' Butt Buddies (no comment) gives them an opportunity to climb higher if they can bag the win.

Thank you for reading, I hope you will join me next time as I review round 6 and preview round 7.


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