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Ever since Heroes Lounge has been created, there have been two questions that people have sought to answer. ‘Financial Report when?’ is the first and a riddle that will probably never be solved. The other question is ‘IS THIS CLOWNABLE’ and we’ll try to answer at least that, this time looking mostly at teams that seemed to have their spot in the play-offs secured for ages only to now find themselves needing a week 10 win to barely sneak in.

Division 1:

Chen Needs Nerfs (#7) vs. Team Upheaval (#11)

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to week 6 when our finest collection of tryhard memers were sitting pretty at five wins to only a single defeat. At that point, it was almost unthinkable that CNN would be in danger of dropping out of the big dance that is the play-offs altogether. Three weeks and three losses later, CNN really needs to secure that one elusive win to make it to the post-season.

Unlike in most other divisions, many of the teams in division 1 have already played 9 series and spots inside the top ten are still highly contested and six wins appear to be the absolute minimum to get in. Worse yet for CNN, if they were to drop this series in a clean 0:2, Team Upheaval would even overtake them in total map wins, which are as of now the strongest argument for CNN to make it as they have one map win more to their name than other teams also sitting at 5-4.

Still, CNN will have to win this series to avoid not only a big disappointment for themselves, but also one of the bigger upsets of recent memory in Heroes Lounge history.

Division 2:

The Forever Alones (#7) vs. Heroes of Inclement Weather (#2)

The Forever Alones have also started the season strong with four victories out of the gate, continuing where they left off last season getting into the playoffs and showing great overall improvement during their first season in divison 2. As the season progressed though, some opponents have proven to be too strong for them to overcome.

Despite getting back to their winning ways, they currently find themselves on the outside looking in, holding that ever so bitter #7 spot in the table which would mean no playoffs for TFA this season. The good news for them? They still control their own destiny as due to some first class rigging, two wins would secure them a ticket to the play-offs. The bad news though? They have to get that possible 8th win of the season against none other than the surprise newcomer and division 2 powerhouse Heroes of Inclement Weather who, while probably not needing a win in that last series, will still be looking to eliminate the strong contender that would be TFA from the playoffs.

Division 3:

Prime Legion MO-Stars (#5) vs. GoInGoCrazy (#8)

Taking a map off of second place NDMT in their very first series of Heroes Lounge, Prime Legion MO-Stars raised some heads and showed that they are a force to be reckoned with right away. They continued their strong performances until the top teams of OverShadow and IX Kohorta derailed their season with two close 1:2 defeats. While they are still holding the inside track on making the play-offs, they will have to get back to their A-game in a hurry as their last two opponents would just love to take that coveted postseason spot away from them. Neither vxo esports, nor GoInGoCrazy are teams that should be taken lightly.

While such a strong showing in their first season is already remarkable, dropping out of the play-offs after being near the top of the table for most of the season would surely prove to be a heartbreaking conclusion of season 6 for Prime Legion MO-Stars.

Division 4:

Potatoes 007 (#6) vs. From Scratch (#9)

Okay, so this one is a bit of a reach as this Thursdays (17th of May) game Potatoes 007 vs. Oil Refinery is probably the one match that has the most impact on the play-off picture in division 4.

But for Potatoes 007, for the longest time it looked like this would finally be the season that they’ve gotten over the hump, not only being promoted from division 5 for MMR reasons but then also showing great play and also great improvement that can only make you root for Zembar and his Potatoes to make it to the big stage for that very first time.

They have proven that they can defeat top tier opponents in division 4, but can they defeat their own history in Heroes Lounge? The chances have never been better and I cannot imagine the disappointment that not getting into the play-offs after being so close would mean for one of everyones favourite Lounge teams. Even though it is of course known, Potatoes 007 have won every season.

Division 5:

The Sops (#11) vs. Five for Silver (#17)

Seeing The Sops at 11th place in division 5 must be weird for anyone who followed the division closely this season. They have not dropped a series until week 6, defeating strong teams Southgate Boiz and HotS Tough on their way to a 5-0 record. Then the gods of rigging presented them with even stronger challenges, ultimately breaking The Sops with two losses against division 5 top teams LE GAG and Killer Koalas. But fear not, fans of Sops all over the globe, as the swiss system might be here to the rescue, presenting The Sops with two winnable matchups in the last two weeks. So while The Sops are more than deserving to make it to the play-offs for the first time, they have to prove that their early season success was not a fluke but a sign of the level of play that this team is capable to perform at.

But then again, what is winnable in Heroes Lounge, where





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