Jan 07, 2019 Robb #Rigged

You've been asking for it, and here at Heroes Lounge, we like to give the people what they want! So, welcome back to the hottest recurring series on Heroes Lounge, #RIGGED! This week Robb takes a look at the top matches in each division for round 8!

Division 1

Memeldors Meme Machines (2nd) vs Trust Issues (5th)

We start off in Division 1, as perennial bridesmaids Memeldors Meme Machines try to maintain or improve on their joint 1st standing when they take on take on 5th placed Trust Issues. Trust Issues will be looking to improve their mixed run of results that saw them conquer Griefers on Safari and lose to Don Our Fedoras in the same day.

For Memelorders Meme Machines, they have the chance to take 1st place in the division once again, as they still have their round 7 game to play vs 1st placed team Epikk SFD. All this, however, is in aid of them achieving the one thing Deathknight and his players have missing from their time as a team. A Heroes Lounge Championship trophy.

Division 2

Senior Citizen Club (2nd) vs Hold My Beer (1st)

Lounge veterans Gabriel and drifer have been in a few teams over the course of Heroes Lounge, but this may very well be one of the most successful they have had in Senior Citizen Club. Currently sitting at 2nd place having only lost one game so far this season against unbeaten Flavia Felix who unfortunately dropped out mid-season, they will be hoping to take over the top spot from Hold My Beer who currently lead by a single map win.

Hold My Beer are another team who’s only loss came against the aforementioned Flavia Felix, they will put themselves in a great position to win the division in their debut season if they manage the win here.

Division 3

Encore (3rd) vs Murder Inc. (4th)

Something is indeed cooking, as Murder Inc with their 100%-win rate on Blaze this season go up against EnCore, a team hoping to qualify for playoffs for the second season in a row. EnCore have been looking strong this season, their only loss coming against VoHiYo in the first game of the season. They have since amassed a perfect 5-0 record and will certainly be looking to extend that to 6-0.

On the other hand, we have Murder Inc who also want to make it to the playoffs for the second season in a row, are doing well in the division with their only loss coming against 1st placed and unbeaten Need4Feed.

Division 4

Mentally 10 (2nd) vs Simple Geometry (4th)

4 different tank players in their last 4 games, Mentally 10 have performed incredibly well despite their apparent roster issues, and will hope to continue this as they take on Simple Geometry. Astraeus of Mentally 10 and Mienien from Simple Geometry have both played on the same teams as each other for multiple seasons, so who knows what sorts of inside knowledge they will be looking to use in order to get the edge on each other. Mentally 10 exceeded expectations getting to the Losers Bracket Finals in the Cup last season, and look on course to qualify for the playoffs once again.

Standing in there way is Simple Geometry, a new team for Heroes Lounge made of many recognisable veterans of Heroes Lounge.Their only loss has come to the unbeaten 1st placed Team Lilium, and a win over a close rival would do wonders for their playoff chances this season. Their heavy reliance on Tyrande could be something teams look to remove as an option,  however their hero pools as a team have been otherwise quite diverse all season.

Division 5

Team Moon Moon (1st) vs Aggressive bronzes (3rd)

A member of the elite club of unbeaten teams this season, Team Moon Moon haven't even dropped a map all season, and are heavy favourites to win Division 5. Hoping to be the 1 in 6-1 is Aggressive bronzes, a team on a 5 game winning streak of their own, with their only loss this season coming against Scrap the Meta in the very first round. Both teams are in their very first season for Heroes Lounge, and both will be favoured to make it to the playoffs this season. 

Key to Team Moon Moon this season has been their diverse Hero pool, having not playing a single hero more than 4 times this season, with Greymane being the only hero even picked that amount. Whereas Aggressive bronzes have shown great favour towards picking the High Priestess of Elune Tyrande, with her featuring in more than half of their games this season as she saw action no less than 8 times so far.

Division 6

Southgate Boiz (1st) vs Lost in Draft BTW (3rd)

It's coming home! The rallying cry of the Southgate Boiz has rung true once again this season, as they rather impressingly haven't lost a single game this season, despite even having to enlist yours truly to sub for them in a hard fought victory against Massive Anger Disorder. Looking to show that even gods can bleed is Lost in Draft BTW, a team that comes into this matchup as serious underdogs, with their last win from actual gameplay being back in round 4 (they got a free win vs Juan Burger last round). They will be keen to prove any doubters wrong however,  and even if they find themselves unable to, they lost in draft btw!

Southgate Boiz will be looking to win back to back seasons, a feat very few teams in Heroes Lounge history can say they have done, and are my favourites to win the Division 6/7 playoffs this season.

Division 7

Stitches's Booty Fanclub (6th)  vs Run It Down Mid (4th)

Coming fresh off beating a team named after him twice in 2 rounds for 2 different teams, Physicsman leads 4th placed Run It Down Mid in battle against Stitches's Booty Fanclub in a match with heavy playoff implications. Both teams are currently sitting in a pack of 5 teams on 4 wins this season, knowing that another 2 wins will likely be enough to make it through to the playoffs.

Run It Down Mid have bounced back after losing 2 in a row to win 2 in a row, including the aforementioned win vs Cult of Emperor Physicsman, and will be hoping to maintain a winning record for the rest of the season. Stitches's Booty Fanclub had to concede a free loss to Jimmy and the gender neutral lords of the Underworld, and will certainly be itching to get back in and play.

Think we have missed a team out who deserves to be spotlighted? Or have any other feedback regarding this series? Please contact Robb on discord for a chat!


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