Oct 13, 2019 Poppinfresh Amateur League EU

After 10 entertaining rounds of EU Heroes Lounge action, the time has come for the Season 10 Draw Show!

Join our host Narsha as all of the groups will be drawn for the Rare Cup, Epic Cup, Legendary Cup and Mythic Championship. We have several special guests who will be joining us and there will be prizes to be won from giveaways! 

Make sure not to miss it, tune in tonight at 20:00 CEST over on our main Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/heroes_lounge

In this post we take a quick look at who will be competing in the Epic Cup which pits the best teams from Divisions 4 and 5 against each other. Firstly these teams will have to face each other in groups of 4 before the top two teams from progress to a knockout stage on the 3rd of November.

[Division 4 - 1st] Gaming In The Rhythm

There can be no argument that Gaming In The Rhythm are the big boss of the Epic Cup this season. They have won all 10 of their matches so far this season only dropping a single map in the process. This veteran team have dropped down from Division 2 this season and are currently showing they are more than a match for what Division 4 has to offer. Bearing in mind their record and dominant performances, it is safe to say they are clear favourites to win the competition.

[Division 4 - 2nd] Dingsitas

After a mid table finish with 5 wins in Season 9, Dingsitas have shown their improvement as a team by chalking an impressive 8 wins this time around which sits them in 2nd place. These 8 wins have come on a very impressive run of form, after losing their first two games they only dropped 2 maps in their remaining games. They will be hoping they can ride this train of form into playoff success.

[Division 4 - 3rd] Hocus Pocus, Morales gets Focus

An impressive showing in their debut season lands Hocus Pocus, Morales gets Focus with 8 wins and a very respectable 3rd place finish. After their first round loss they managed to bounce back and their only loss thereafter was against Gaming In The Rhythm. Another team on great form, any Morales players in the Epic Cup will be shaking in their medivac at the thought of coming up against them.

[Division 4 - 4th] AFK For Cocoa

After a pre season name change and slight roster shuffle AFK For Cocoa have managed to match their record from last season with 7 wins. This is the third season in a row they have qualified for the Epic Cup, in Season 8 they dropped out in the group stage, in Season 9 they dropped out after the first match of the knockout stage with a disappointing performance and will be hoping they can progress even further this time around.

[Division 4 - 5th] CoB Antimeta

Last seasons Division 5 winners CoB Antimeta have performed very well after moving up a division, finishing with 7 out of 10 wins. They miss out on being one of the first seeds and end up in 5th due to losing a tiebreaker head to head with AFK For Cocoa. This veteran team fell at the group stage last season and will be hoping to build on their impressive performance in the regular season to find playoff success.

Find out more about how CoB Antimeta work in their Inside Lounge interview from earlier this season.

[Division 4 - 6th] Team!!! BabyRage

It’s a 6th place finish for Team!!! BabyRage, a team who looked dominant at the start of the season with 4 victories but then fell to 3 defeats. They were able to recover from this set back with 2 more wins to confirm qualification for the Cup, they will be hoping this upturn in form will continue into the playoffs.

[Division 4 - 7th] Sloth Sanctuary

On the very last day Sloth Sanctuary got the win they needed to qualify for the Epic Cup with a 2-0 victory over FAT Wong. This is the first time these sloths have qualified for the playoffs since Season 7 when they dominated their group in the Heroes Lounge Cup before losing to eventual winners Brown Horse Gang in the knockout stage.

[Division 4 - 8th] Magical Liopleurodon

Former Free Agent team Magical Liopleurodon have had a successful season with 6 wins from their 10 matches. This is a regression on their record last season where they managed 7 wins but they have played well regardless. They won all 3 of their group matches in the Epic Cup last season and made it all the way to the semi finals before losing to finalists Broes before Heroes.

[Division 5 - 1st] DiVeOrDeLeTe

Debut team DiVeOrDeLeTe are the powerhouses of Div 5, they have not dropped a single map all season on their way to pole position but have only played 9 matches after being inactive for 1 round. It will be interesting to see how they measure up to the Division 4 teams in the competition, such a dominant record suggests they will certainly be able to hold their own and could well reach the latter stages.

[Division 5 - 2nd] Jaina The Frost Mage

Lounge Veterans Jaina The Frost Mage have made another impressive showing in Division 5 to match that of last season. In last seasons Epic Cup JTFM managed to win 2-0 in the group stage against eventually winners Team Simple Geography, but were unable to confirm the wins they needed to move on to the knockout stage. They have qualified as one of the top seeds of Division 5 this time around and will be hoping to improve on their previous performance.

[Division 5 - 3rd] Treehouse Gaming

Fan favourites Treehouse Gaming are still going strong in Division 5, managing to better their tally from last year with an impressive 7 wins. They reached the first round of the knockout stage in last seasons Epic Cup and will be hoping to match or surpass that feat this season. 

Read more about Treehouse Gaming in their Inside Lounge interview from earlier this season 

[Division 5 - 4th] TSEA Link

Finishing in 4th this season TSEA Link are competing in the playoffs for the second time, their previous attempt was the Rare Cup in Season 8 where they fell at the group stage. They have been competative this season and have managed to take maps from some of the top teams in the division even in defeat.

[Division 5 - 5th] Nexus' Most Wanted

Nexus' Most Wanted have progressed from the Rare Cup to the Epic Cup in the space of one season. They have qualified for the playoffs every season of their existence, on both of their previous Rare Cup appearances they performed well in their group before falling in the knockout stage.

[Division 5 - 6th] FAT Bones

The only free agent team in the Epic Cup, FAT Bones have shown great unity to finish 6th. They started the season very strongly winning 4 of their 5 matches, the only defeat in that time came to top side DiVeOrDeLeTe. Some mixed results following resulted in unsurety about whether or not they would qualify, but they were able to clutch it out in a Round 10 victory against twitch.tv/khaldor

[Division 5 - 7th] Tactical Suicide

After dominating Division 7 last season, Tactical Suicide have performed very well after jumping up two divisions finishing 7th with 6 wins. They had a good showing in the Rare Cup last time around, reaching the semi finals where they were defeated by eventual winners Potatoes007.

[Division 5 - 8th] Killer Koalas

Sneaking in at the bottom of the Epic Cup are Killer Koalas, a team who have been in Lounge since season 5 and have had playoff experience in the Heroes Lounge Cup in seasons 6 and 7. They left koalafication to the very last minute this season, beating The Sops in Round 10 to draw level with their opponents but gaining the valuable head to head victory which gave them the edge in the tie-breaking decision.

And there we have our teams who will be competing in the Epic Cup this season, keep an eye out for upcoming playoff games being casted by checking our Discord and our calendar https://heroeslounge.gg/calendar


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