May 20, 2020 Phalop Announcement Division S EU NA

It has been a few months now since the conclusion of Division S season 2. Ever since then we have looked at the possibility of a potential next season together with our players and staff. 

In the end we made the decision to not continue Division S for a third season.

However, we are still very passionate about the continuation of HOTS eSports at the highest level possible. Therefore, we are collaborating/lending our aid to upcoming HOTS eSports tournaments. We cannot announce any details yet, but expect an announcement on this soon! 

With this I would like to thank everyone that made Division S possible. Our players that provided us every week with exciting matches, our team of casters that brought us these matches in the most entertain way possible, our staff that made sure that everything was well run in the back and of course you all the community that supported us along our journey by watching the matches and donating to the prize pools. Thank you all for everything and see you in the Nexus!


#RIGGED EU Round 4 Preview

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#RIGGED EU Round 5 Preview

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