Mar 14, 2021 Phalop Amateur League Announcement Lounge News NA

We concluded our 6th season of Heroes Lounge NA two weeks ago with our Mythic championship and want to take this opportunity to give another round of applause to the winners.

Epic cup:  Almighty Baby Yoda 

Legendary cup:  Amateur Opponents 

Mythic championship:  Heavy Impact 

As for our future in NA, we have looked at the possibility of another season of Heroes Lounge NA with a possible restructuring for our format together with our staff, but in the end we made the decision to go on a hiatus from the NA amateur side for now.

We believe the NA amateur side is in great hands with NGS and we are happy that NA is flourishing again after a rough time for amateur players a couple of years ago. However, we are still actively looking what we as an organization could provide for our NA amateur players in terms of league or tournaments as well as more integration between the EU and NA sides.

With this I would like to thank everyone that made the NA side of Heroes Lounge possible. All the players that have played in our league and provided us with exciting matches, and also our staff that made sure that everything was well run. Especially a big thank you to Judo, Krino and Xatiie for their continued support over multiple seasons as moderators, without their efforts this would not have been possible. We are also very happy that part of the NA moderators will stay on as staff to keep supporting Lounge. 

Thank you all and see you in the Nexus!


Athena Championship

Mar 06, 2021 TinyMod


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