Aug 28, 2019 Drakvor Amateur League EU Weekly Recap

Round 2 of Division 7 has finished, and every team has completed their first two matches. Trends in hero picks and map picks are forming, as teams are beginning to figure out which heroes work well for them. Currently, Johanna, Raynor and Thrall seem to be very popular picks in Division 7, with Thrall especially seeing almost twice as much play as the next most popular solo laner.

Notable Matches

Here is a closer look at some of this Rounds match ups. You will notice that the Div 7 tradition of running off meta heroes continues to be upheld as the season progresses.

4 Guys 1 Nurse vs Dazzling's Mile

This match was one of the few in Division 7 so far that has ended in a 2-1, and what a match it was. Both sides displayed some interesting drafting strategies, opting to form unconventional compositions in favour of the boring stale meta we see in higher Divisions. In all three games, Dazzling's Mile showcased a double tank meta, drafting two heroes that would normally fulfill the role of main tank. However, 4 Guys 1 Nurse were able to force a victory in two of the games, taking the victory. Dazzling's Mile also showed some sign of research by banning out Probius, a hero 4 Guys 1 Nurse had run in the past.

Game 1 saw 4 Guys 1 Nurse pick Dva on Cursed Hollow, backed up by the popular damage combination of Jaine and Raynor. Though Dazzling's Mile drafted a very strong frontline of Johanna and ETC. They even picked the rarely seen Zagara to take advantage of the size of the map, but they were unable to defeat 4 Guys 1 Nurse, who were able to claim their second Dva game of the season.

Game 2 saw Dazzling's Mile draft much more lockdown in their frontline, involving Garrosh and Muradin. Combined with blinds from Li Li, Dazzling's Mile was able to compeltely shut down 4 Guys 1 Nurse and their Greymane pick, taking the second game of the series on Alteracc Pass.

The final game saw Dazzling's Mile draft double tank and double mage, taking both Diablo and Muradin, as well as Jaina and Gul'dan. 4 Guys 1 Nurse, however, countered with the combination of Taunt Varian and Tyrande, who can easily follow up for Varian with her Lunar Flare. Despite Dazzling's Mile's impressive waveclear on Infernal Shrines, 4 Guys 1 Nurse were able to take the map and the series.

The MVP of this match was HolyShock, who took advantage of his deep hero pool, which included some off meta heroes such as Dva.

Kubota Yellow Sox vs Hots shot

In this match, two teams new to Division 7 went up against each other. Both sides picked some interesting heroes to spice up the draft, including a few Support heroes, a role that has been shunned by many other teams in Division 7. 

Game 1 saw the battle between Medivh and Abathur on Infernal Shrines. Kubota Yellow Sox ran Medivh, a hero they had also picked in Round 1, who enabled Orphea to move in and deal massive amounts of damage with her spells. The Abathur pick was unable to provide Hots shot with the edge they required to defeat the Yellow Sox on their comfort strategy.

Game 2 saw Hots shot ban out the Medivh pick and pick up Kel'thuzad for the high damage combos he can land. However, their single frontline of Johanna was unable to hold against the melee heavy comp of Kubota Yellow Sox who had drafted Thrall, Muradin and Sonya. Having an advantage on objectives, the Yellow Sox were able to finish the series and take the win on Volskaya Foundry.

The MVP of this match was Jass, who played the Medivh.

Frieeend vs Unemployed Irresistible

Free Agent Teams (FATs) are teams formed from individual free agents, and Frieeend (formerly FAT Friends), is a FAT. This gives them an inherent disadvatange, since the players haven't had as much time to play the game together. But despite this, Frieeend is currently on a winning streak in Division 7. Though Unempoyed Irresistible fell back on their comfort picks, they were not able to defeat the rising stars of Frieeend.

Game 1 saw Frieeend draft one of the most dangerous compositions I have seen in Division 7, featuring Garrosh, Tyrande, Imperius, Li Ming, Greymane, with an excess of stuns and burst damage. Unemployed prioritised the objective on Battlefield of Eternity, drafting Valla and Artanis, both known to rip through the immortals. And though the Unemployed drafted two blinds to deter the Greymane, in the form of Li Li and Artanis, they were unable to stop the Li Ming resets.

Game 2 saw very little change on the side of Unemployed Irresistible, who drafted the same backbone of Valla, Artanis and Li Li for their composition. Frieeend, once again relied on Adamek's Garrosh, to win the game and the series.

The MVP of this match was Adamek, whose Garrosh pick contributed greatly to their victory.

Closing Remarks

As I was on holiday (sort of), I was unable to come up with my statistics, so I promise I'll have a few interesting ones next week.

As always, thank you for reading and paying attention to the memes happening down in Division 7.


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