Aug 21, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU

It's time for more #RIGGED. We are a few games into Season 10 and the divisions are starting to shape up. Let's take a look at some of the exciting matchups in Round 4

Division 1

Hoplita eSports vs Wonder William Gang 
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Firstly high up in the clouds of Division 1, we have Hoplita eSports (Formerly known as Herbania) who will be hoping to push on after reaching the knockout stage of the Mythic Championship in their debut season last time around. Their opponents are Wonder William Gang, a former free agent team who have stuck together and found great success. After impressive showings in Divisions 4 then 3 they have moved up to the top tier this season.

Having only won 1 of their first 3 games Hoplita may turn to comfort heroes from last season such as Ana and Hanzo. WWG who share the same record so far had impressive win rates with many heroes last season, but it will be interesting to see if they pull out the Jaina and Kerrigan that served them so well as they dominated Division 3.

Division 2

KittyKat Krusaders vs Escape Artist
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After falling in the bracket stage of the Legendary Cup last season, KittyKay Krusaders will be hoping to push on towards cup glory this season and may be aided by new additions to their roster. Coming up against them in round 4 is Escape Artist, a team inspired by the in-game MVP award of the same name. 

The Krusaders have been happy to stray somewhat from the usual meta in their opening games, having Anduin, Chromie and Artanis amongst their most picked heroes. Escape Artist have picked up Lucio twice so far, certainly a hero who can help them make the most escapes at critically low health.

Division 3

Raynor Container vs Akolici Jana Khael'Thasa II
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After missing Season 9 Raynor Container are back in Division 3, ready with their fantastic team logo to compete in their 5th season in Lounge. Akolici Jana Khael'Thasa II or translated into English Acolytes of John Kael'Thas II are a new team who are captained by the Heroes Lounge Head of Casters EU, Pitax.

E.T.C is leading the way in terms of picks for Raynor Container, showing to be their main tank of choice. Having been awarded a free win in round 1 and losing the following two rounds it's hard to tell which heroes will be key to the Akolici, but it seems they have an early preference for Misha and may be able find success if they are able to draft her on her more favourable maps.

Division 4

Giborim vs Dingsitas
Match Link

Moving on to Division 4 Giborim have been in Lounge for a few seasons now and have made the jump from Division 6 to Division 4, after struggling in their initial matches they will be hoping to bounce back and it will be interesting to see how they cope against opponents in a higher division. On the other side of the map we have Dingsitas who will be aiming to improve on last seasons respectable record of 5 wins out of 10 games in Division 4.

Giborim have picked a wide variety of heroes so far, being careful not to put all of their eggs in one basket. They have tried once to bring their opponents to the slaughter by drafting The Butcher, and it would be exciting to see them pick this up again. Dingsitas have put their faith in Tyrande, Johanna and Leoric during this early stage of the season.

Division 5

Jaina The Frost Mage vs Treehouse Gaming
Match Link

Lounge veterans Jaina The Frost Mage are the top team from last seasons Division 5 who didn't get promoted to a higher division, and therefore certainly can have high hopes of finishing near the top. Fan favourites Treehouse Gaming will also be hoping to build on a successful season where they reached the knockout stage of the Epic Cup last time around. Keep your eyes peeled for an Inside Lounge interview from within the Treehouse soon™. 

JTFM have found success with Rehgar and Arthas achieving a 100% with rate with both so far in 4 and 3 games respectively. Treehouse have have picked up E.T.C. 4 times in their first 3 games this season, with their new main tank player Denker taking control of the cow for 3 of those and Robb power sliding over the the offlane with him once.

These two experienced teams have faced each other once before, back in Season 8 when Jaina were able to clinch a closely fought 2-1 victory

Division 6

Prosonyglasbläserrind vs To Shreds you say
Match Link

A team with one of the more interesting team names in Lounge, Prosonyglasbläserrind are a German team heading into their second season with Lounge. To Shreds you say are also going into their second season

Prosony aren't showing any clear preferences so far in their hero picks, which will make it hard for other teams to ban against them. One notable pick is the Azmodan who they have picked up twice. In a similair vain To Shreds aren't showing too much early doors, two interesting pickups are Tyrael and Lucio

These two teams played each other in Round 10 last season, with To Shreds you say claiming the win 2-1, will Prosony be able to avenge that defeat? Time will tell.

Division 7

500ms vs 4 Guys 1 Nurse
Match Link

Here we have two teams who are flying high early on in Division 7 both with 3 wins from their first 3 matches. 500ms currently have as many wins as they did over the entirety of last season, their captain the Lounge blog writer Drakvor will be hoping they can carry on with their bright start and push on towards qualifying for the Rare Cup. 4 Guys 1 Nurse managed 4 wins in Division 7 last season, and will also be aiming to keep their perfect record intact.

500ms have proven to be big Misha fans this season, and quite rightly as she has guided them to victory all 4 times they have drafted her. In the other corner, 4 Guys 1 Nurse have an identical record with D.Va! Who will come out on top in this battle of off meta heroes? Keep an eye out to see if this exciting match gets casted!

This is another matchup that is a repeat of a Round 10 match from last season, and on that occasion 500ms were fairly dominant and the match ended 2-0 in their favour (my research tells me that Robb was subbing in as the 1 Nurse for this game). 

That's it for round 4, keep an eye out for any upcoming casts in Discord and on the Calendar page. If you haven't already make sure to check out Drakvor's latest blog post, a recap of round 1 in Division 7 -

Although the season is well under way if you want to get involved with the fun you may be able to find a team in our Discord to either join or sub for in the #teams_recruiting_eu or #teams_recruiting_na channels.

Any feedback is appreciated, please leave a message in the #feedback_and_suggestions channel


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