Dec 10, 2017 Announcement Lounge News

We wish you a Merry Christmas

This Sunday the matches for the sixth round of Heroes Lounge Season 5 will be created which will mark the last matches for 2017. Beginning with December 18th, there will be a Christmas break for Heroes Lounge which will last for two weeks.

In these two weeks, no new matches will be made so teams and their players can focus on their real life responsibilities. Since we all know that the Christmas time can be very busy and stressful and people rather spend their time with family and friends instead of filling out when2meet's, we will make a little adjustment to the standard scheduling rules of Heroes Lounge.

For their Round 6 match-ups, teams are allowed to play their games within  three weeks  instead of only two.

This means, Round 6 matches can be scheduled and played until 31st December .

For a full overview about the Heroes Lounge Season 5 schedule take a look onto the table below.

15/10/2017 Final playoff game of Season 4
22/10/2017 Signups for Season 5 closes
06/11/2017 First round of Season 5
11/12/2017 Sixth round of Season 5
18/12/2017 Two week break for Christmas begins
01/01/2018 Seventh round of Season 5
15/01/2018 Ninth round of Season 5
26/01/2018 Final date regular season games can be played

(caveat: we reserve the right to change them if it is in the best interest of the community)

As always if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask a moderator or staff in our discord. Have fun, GGs and a happy Christmas!!!


In a previous version of the post we stated that the matches have to be scheduled until 17th December instead of the 31st. The specific part was corrected.


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