Sep 17, 2020 Transparent EU Nexus Rumble Recap

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Sunday 13th was the second Sunday of September, and it was also the second week of The Nexus Rumble! If you missed week 1 make sure to check out this blog post recapping it all for you! Week 2 saw both of our defending champions from week 1 get knocked off the top in a pretty decisive score line with both previous victors not taking a map and losing 2-0! If you missed it then be sure to check out the VOD over on the Heroes Lounge twitch channel

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With that being said, let’s dive right into what happened in the second Nexus Rumble.

Match 1 

Nexus Rumble - Lower
Norweaklings vs 500ms

Map 1: Infernal Shrines 

Norweaklings by name, No-Weaklings by nature! What a dominant performance from the Norweaklings in game 1 here. TommyGun was firing on all cylinders showcasing his main tank Imperius and landing charge after charge after charge. The pace of this game started extremely quick with Deckard Cain being caught out in the first rotation and dying 41 seconds in! The newly reworked Gazlowe was extremely impactful also netting himself a solo kill on Leoric in the early game 2 minutes in! This team composition felt incredibly difficult to play in to as evidenced by the lack of kills on 500ms’ side. Whenever any of the heroes from Norweaklings landed cc, it always resulted in a kill. The game suddenly came to a close as 500ms tried forcing pre level 20, however Norweaklings countered their engage in kindness and proceeded to end the game 24 kills to 3! - GG 1-0!

Map 2: Battlefield of Eternity 

As mentioned above, TommyGun was on fire with his main tank Imperius and the red team seemed to agree with the casters as it was immediately banned out from 500ms. A completely different draft from 500ms here opting for their comfort double support valla hyper carry composition with Uther drafted for the offlane. However on the other side, it was a snap lock Ana + Li-ming pick up in the 1-2 from Norweaklings. Transparent desperately wanted an Artanis and whilst I thought it would be a troll pick from the blue team; I was right, but also wrong! This draft did see an Artanis pick but also a Zul’jin pickup! This game was far closer with 500ms actually leading on kills and in structures for the majority of the mid game. Unfortunately for the 500ms fans, this changed at level 16 where the nano boosted li-ming proved to strong and then the same thing happened again with li ming almost securing a penta kill at minute 16 in the game. 5-man-team-wipe for 500ms here and Norweaklings matched through the bottom keep to end the game. GG Norweaklings takes the Lower Rumble 2-0! 

Match 2:

Nexus Rumble - 1 Higher
Super Unstoppabros vs Just Cause

Map 1: Towers of Doom

The Lower match saw no D.Va play, but did showcase the newly reworked Gazlowe, so it was only fair that the Upper series “played to win”! Super Unstoppabros first picking D.Va here in map number 1! This game started with both teams being extremely cautious and obviously respecting each other, heck, first blood didn’t happen until 6:32 in the game! Dami looked unshoveable on the stukov throughout this series as they continuously shut down Garrosh’s attempts at engaging. Super Unstoppabros looking unstoppable in game 1, winning every single team fight and ending the game with 10 kills to 0. Super Unstoppabros clearly proving that they are indeed KDA players. GG 1-0 !

Map 2 : Battlefield of Eternity

Game 2 takes us to BOE here with Peruna again saying “I play to win” by picking D.Va! Much like the Lower Series it was a closer game than the first between these two teams. After a few brilliant ganks by Earlgreey on Arthas, Just Cause actually took the lead on kills. But Super Unstoppabros kept a level head and put pressure on the structures instead. Later in the game Just Cause were unable to find the cracks in Super Unstoppabros front line like they had before, allowing for them to use their map advantage to get a full shielded Immortal, force a fight and end the game.

 GG 0-2 and Super Unstoppabros became our week 2 Nexus Rumble Upper Champions.

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Written by Aviater

I am a passionate caster and player looking to bring a bit of added entertainment to Heroes Lounge with the Nexus Rumble


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