Jun 26, 2018 Eef Lounge News

So you have found yourself playing and enjoying Heroes of the storm. You were also wondering how to take the enjoyment of the game to the next level? Well look no further as you have come to the right place.

There are several ways to play in season 7, but first of all you need to make sure you have an account on our website. You can register for an account here. In order to register you'll need your discord ID (and to join our discord server) as well as your battle.net ID. Please make sure you register with your main account, smurfs are not allowed, and matchmaking will be done based on the mmr of your main account. 

Now that you've done that lets quickly go over the options you have for playing in season 7:

  • Sign up as a free agent
  • Join an existing team
  • Create your own team

Playing as a free agent

As a free agent, you will get assigned a team at the start of the season. This can be an existing team or a whole new 'FAT' (Free Agent Team). Incomplete existing teams will have free agents added to form a roster of 5 players. All remaining players will be allocated to a FAT (free agent team). In a FAT, players are allocated in a roster of 6 players. When you are placed in a FAT roster try to contact the other members using their Discord IDs,  even if you are not assigned as captain. This will help you bring your newfound team together. The placement into these teams is based on your MMR,  so make sure you have uploaded all your replays when signing up! 

Want to sign up as a free agent? Read our sign up guide here

Join an existing team

If you don't want to be placed into a team by our very well organized rigging masters you can find a team to join yourself. The best tool to use is our Discord server. In the discord server, there are several recruitment channels that can help you find a team: #teams_recruiting and #players_to_recruit. You can advertise yourself, or respond to captains looking for an extra team member. It's not uncommon for a team captain to want to play some games with you to add you to his/her roster. Have you found a team you want to join, then see how you can properly join the team for the competition in our sign up guide

Please note that if you want to find your own team you should NOT sign up as a free agent, signing up as a free agent will put you in a team without your choosing. You can join a team throughout the season, although extra rules apply to what teams you can join. 

Create your own team

Lastly, you can be in complete control over your team by creating your own team. In order for your team to compete, you will need at least 5 members including yourself. If you don't have any friends or want to make new ones, you can use our Discord servers recruitment channels. Here you can advertise your team or respond to players looking for a team. You can decide yourself who you want to add to your team and if you want to play with them beforehand. As a captain of the team, you will also be responsible for a lot of the administrative duties that come with the competition including scheduling matches, team practices and uploading your results. Luckily we have a captain's guide to help you with all this. 

Please note: if you do not have 5 members before the start of the season free agents will be assigned to your team to fill up your roster.

Now that you've decided your path to take, we look forward to seeing you, in the Nexus! 


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