Oct 06, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU

And so we reach the final week of the regular Heroes Lounge season in EU. Teams will be looking eagerly at the standings in their respective divisions wondering what set of results they need to be a reality for them to qualify for the playoffs. 

Division 1

Wheel of ORDAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH? vs Hippopotamus
Match Link 

Wheel of ORDAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH are teetering on the edge of the playoffs, they must win this match to avoid being pushed out of the playoffs by their rivals. Hippopotamus have fallen just short of being able to qualify, but will hope to finish the season strongly.

Li Ming is the most picked hero for WoO with 8 picks and they may look to her again in this crucial tie to reset their way to victory. When it comes to healing they turn to the healing power of Night Elves, Malfurion and Tyrande are their favoured healers being drafted 6 and 5 times respectively. Hippopotamus’ most popular hero is Johanna, but they have only managed to win 1 of the 8 games they have drafted her in. Sticking with warriors Anub’arak and Muradin have both been picked up once with  victory on both occasions, perhaps these are two heroes that could guide them to future success.

Division 2

KittyKat Krusaders vs The Art of Warfare
Match Link

Hovering around the bottom of the Legendary Cup qualification positions we have KittyKat Krusaders, they require a win here in this fixture if they want to secure qualification. The Art of Warfare are sitting on 3 wins with 2 matches remaining, if they are able to pick up 2 wins there is a slim chance we may see them competing in the playoffs.

KittyKat Krusaders have shown that they value Greymane so far this season, they have picked him on 5 occasions with a 60% winrate and have banned him a further 6 times to prevent their opponents using him against them. They have had Diablo banned against them 12 times, double that of the next highest on the list, the Lord of Terror is certainly living up to his name here. Mephisto is a hero who is picking up in popularity this season, and The Art of Warfare are part of this upturn as they have picked him on 6 occasions with a 66.67% winrate but this has caused their opponents to ban him out 10 times in response. Jimmy Raynor has one of the better win rates for this team with 80% over 5 games.

Division 3

Lumpensammler vs JustFriends
Match Link

Casted by: TheEpicE https://www.twitch.tv/theepice_
Scheduled for 10 Oct 2019 19:30

Both of these teams are sitting on identical records with 6 wins and 13 map wins, a win for either would guarantee qualification but a loss could lead to missing out on a spot in the Cup via a tiebreaker with the rivals who can move level with them.

Lumpensammler have been utilising another hero who is starting to see more play this season, Mal’ganis. A 57.14% winrate over 7 games is enough to convince teams to ban him out on 9 occasions. Garrosh has brought a plentiful amount of success for the team with 4 wins from 4. Falstad has been a key feature of JustFriends’ drafts so far, 7 wins from 8 games has been pivotal in their success up to this point. Rehgar has been their favoured healer this season with a 71.43% winrate over 7 games.

Division 4

Team!!! BabyRage vs Bunter Haufen
Match Link

Here in Division 4 we have a must win clash between two teams both in their debut seasons, a win will confirm a place in the Epic Cup for either team but the loser will at best have to pass a tiebreaker in order to qualify.

Jaina is the most highly prioritised mage for Team!!! BabyRage who comes back with an 87.5% winrate after 8 games. Chen has been influential to their success with a 100% winrate over 4 games but has been banned 11 times as a result. Bunter Haufen have relied on Lich King Arthas to march them to victory on 7 occasions this season and he has delivered a 71.43% winrate for them and has been respect banned 8 times against them.

Division 5

twitch.tv/khaldor vs FAT Bones
Match Link

In this crucial playoff battle we have two teams with 11 map wins and the ever uncertain 5 wins. A victory would confirm a place in the Epic Cup for either team, and the loser will be keeping an eye on the results of their rivals as to whether they will be able to qualify or not, although this would have to rely on them coming out on top in a tiebreaker.

Johanna tops the picks for twitch.tv/khaldor with 5 wins from 7 games, but this hasn’t drawn any respect bans up to this point. On the other hand Jaina who has an 80% winrate from 5 games has been respected on 12 occasions. When teams see they are playing FAT Bones the first thing they do is ban out Dehaka, Lounge Casting Manager Samu has been striking fear into Division 5 with his offlane plays as he sits at a 100% winrate on Dehaka over 4 games and has drawn 10 bans in his direction as a result. Kael’thas and Deckard are two heroes with identical records to Dehaka but without being banned out as often, and may be vital in their push for the playoffs.

Division 6

Twenty One Esport vs To Shreds you say
Match Link 

Twenty One Esport will already be preparing for the Rare Cup, having already qualified with 7 wins they can use this as an excuse to experiment with their picks or perhaps they will stick to their usual tactics in the hope of sneaking into first place if Lachs Strikes Again lose their final game. To Shreds you say are currently on the brink of the playoffs, as things stand they need to win to avoid a tiebreaker situation.

A perfect record for Falstad has been a catalyst for Twenty One Esport soaring to the top positions in Division 6, he is yet to let them down after 9 games. 6 wins from 8 games is a respectable record for Lucio who is their most drafted healer. To Shreds you say have a hero with an impressive perfect record themselves, Tyrael has been flawless in his 6 games and may play a key part in this fixture. This is another team who enjoy the healing services of Lucio as he sits on a 66.67 winrate over 6 games, it is likely that he will be one of the more highly contested heroes during the draft phase in this bout.

Division 7

500ms vs LFxD
Match Link

500ms can enter their final matchup of the regular season at ease, knowing that they have comfortably qualified for the Rare Cup and will finish in 2nd place behind the only team that has managed to beat them Red Dragon Gambling. It has been a dominant season for 500ms who have shown remarkable improvement after only managing 3 wins in season 9. LFxD are up against it if they want to qualify for the playoffs, they will have to win this tie against one of the Divisions form teams then hope they are able to squeeze past their enemies on a tiebreaker despite going into the round with inferior map wins.

Johanna has been vital for 500ms this season, an impressive 7 wins from 7 games laying the foundations for success. Zeratul is one of a few other heroes with a perfect win record, he has won all 3 of his games but has been banned out in 12 drafts by teams who dare not come up against him. Some of LFxD’s more reliable picks have been Arthas and Ana, both with 4 wins from 5 games. Malthael has proven to be a sneaky pocket pick for them so far by winning his two games, he is certainly an influential hero that might be able to give them the edge in the push for the playoffs.

And there we have the final #RIGGED of the regular season, keep an eye out for the upcoming draw show on Sunday the 13th of October which leads on to the Heroes Lounge playoffs. 


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