Aug 16, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU

#RIGGED is returning for EU Season 10, starting with a look at a selection of the games from round 3.

This week we highlight clashes between teams who have both won their first two matches and will be hoping to build on their positive starts and cement their place in the upper echelons of their respective divisions

Division 1

Without Ørigins vs Digital_Mousquetaires

Division 1 sees two French gaming community teams face off in an exciting clash. Without Ørigins are in their debut season in Lounge, with only Yony in their team having played in lounge before. Digital Mousquetaires on the other hand are an experienced team, who have played a few seasons in lounge as well as competing in other competitions such as the Nexus Cup. 

Johanna has been holding the frontline so far for Without Ørigins, with a little help from Tyrael. The Mousquetaires on the other hand have shown strong favour towards Dehaka and Jaina in their opening games, winning all 4 maps with each.

Division 2

Alkoholdet vs Team snOr

Avid beer drinkers Alkoholdet might be a fresh team, but they certainly have a lot of individual experience in Lounge. Team snOr return to Lounge after sitting out the previous 4 seasons, perhaps with a renewed vigour for the game. 

Being fans of brew themselves, it is only natural that Alkoholdet have drafted Chen twice so far with success on both occasions. Team snOr have only played 2 maps so far this season so it's hard to predict the heroes they might favour in this contest. Their team description includes claims that there will be unprecedented risk taking and hopefully this approach will result in some interesting drafts from them going forward.

Division 3

Team Simple Geography vs Team Heart

Last seasons Epic Cup winners Team Simple Geography have moved up to Division 3 this season and will be eager to show they are up to the challenge a higher division poses. They are certainly aiming to finish high in the division, as they mentioned in their recent Inside Lounge Interview. With the heart of a warrior, Team Heart team leap into their first season and will be hoping to continue their positive start to the season. 

Simple Geography certainty impressed us with their drafting last season, and will likely create more pandemonium with their picks this time around. Team Heart have found success with Falstad, soaring their way to victory with him on 3 occasions so far.

Division 4

CoB Antimeta vs The Trying Dutchmen

In this contest we have two experienced lounge teams. Antimeta of the CoB series of teams have moved up from Division 5 after impressing last season. The Dutchmen have started brightly after finishing towards the bottom of Division 4 last season and will hope to keep up their good form.

Antimeta have shown an early preference for offlane E.T.C., with him stage-diving his way into their drafts 3 times so far. In their one actual match which was a 2-0 win over Massive Anger Disorder, the Dutchmen showed some early season favour towards E.T.C. themselves but in the main tank role.

Division 5

TSEA Link vs Unorganized Screaming Baboons

The Dutch student team of TSEA Link are going into their 3rd season in Lounge, and will be hoping to push on after a respectable 6 out of 10 wins last season. They come up against a troop of Unorganized Screaming Baboons, who have shown that being unorganised hasn't stopped their bright start to the season. 

TSEA have prioritised Sylvanas, Imperius and Ana which has worked well for them so far. The Baboons on the other hand have picked up some less common heroes in Nazeebo, The Butcher and Zagara, suggesting they are a team who always have an interesting draft up their sleeves.

Division 6

Lachs Strikes Again vs FAT Nova

Lachs Strikes Again will be looking forward to what is actually their first game of the season, after receiving a free win for a forfeit in round 1 and a BYE! in round 2. This puts them up against the first free agent team we have mentioned in FAT Nova, who have picked up some impressive wins against The Mr Bigglesworth Appreciation Group and Lounge veterans Protect Ya Nexus

It will be interesting to see if Lachs Strikes Again will favour their most picked heroes from last season in Arthas and Junkrat or if their priorities have shifted this time around. FAT Nova have favoured the heavy metal approach so far, picking up the beefy front line of E.T.C. 3 times so far.

Division 7

The Bacon Landlords vs Frieeend

Popular Lounge team The Bacon Landlords are going into their 3rd season in Lounge and will likely be aiming for the Rare Cup once again after reaching the group stage last time round. Frieeend are a new team who will be hoping to make their mark on Division 7. 

The Landlords are likely aiming to entertain again with their trademark interesting drafts with plenty of Abathur and Murky. Frieeend have interestingly banned Johanna on all 4 maps they have played so far, making it clear that they have no intention of playing against that hero.

That's all for this week folks, keep an eye out in our Discord and on the Calendar page to see if any of these exciting games are casted. 

Although the season is well under way if you want to get involved with the fun you may be able to find a team in our Discord to either join or sub for in the #teams_recruiting_eu or #teams_recruiting_na channels.


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