Aug 18, 2019 Drakvor Amateur League EU Weekly Recap

Hello, everyone.

I am back with a weekly summary of all the exciting matches taking place in Division 7. Since I want to make sure every match for each round takes place before creating an article, I will always be week or so late. This season, we see many teams return to Division 7 from last season, as well as many new teams join the best division in Heroes Lounge. It has been a very interesting week, with spicy hero picks coming out from several of the teams here in Division 7.

The first notable pattern is that most matches in Round 1 ended in a quick 2:0. In fact, every match save for the one between the Facepalm Tacticians and the Unemployed Irresistible was a clean sweep. The average game in Round 1 of Division 7 had a length of 18 minutes and 19 seconds, and the team that captured a keep first always emerged victorious, leaving no room for comebacks.

Notable Matches

While it is a little early to determine which teams are doing well in Division 7, there have been certains team that performed better than others. Here are a list of some notable matches, and teams to look out for in the coming weeks.

The Bacon Landlords vs Golden Power

This match was the fight between two former Division 7 teams. Last season, Golden Power ranked 7th in Division 7 while the Bacon Landlords ranked 9th in the same Division. However, this season the Bacon Landlords were out for revenge. In what was the most one sided match in Round 1, the Bacon Landlords dominated their opponents on Cursed Hollow and Volskaya Foundry. In fact, the average kill and assists to death ratio (KDA) of the players on the Bacon Landlords was 7.9, the highest in the Division so far.

Game 1 saw Golden Power drafted Sylvanas on Cursed Hollow, with ETC in the offlane and Muradin in the frontlines. The Bacon Landlords drafted Greymane and Malthael in response, using Greymane's Cursed Bullet and Malthael's Last Rites on any unfortunate target that got hooked, quickly blowing up even the tankiest heroes on the side of Golden Power.

Game 2 saw the Bacon Landlords draft three of the heroes they drafted in game 1; Greymane, Jaina and Whitemane. With these comfort picks, they were able to out sustain Golden Power's Zarya composition on Volskaya Foundry.

The MVP of the match was Mikasor, for keeping the team healthy on Whitemane, showing off a healer that isn't commonly played these days.

FrUk Unleashed vs Hots shot

Unlike the previous match, this one features a team that is new to the Division. Hots shot fought bravely against FrUk Unleashed, a team returning after missing out on the playoffs last season. This match receives an award for the most interesting team composition of Round 1, as FrUk Unleashed fields an unusual set of heroes, missing a ranged assassin. Hots shot fought back with comps relying on Diablo and Raynor as their repeated picks.

Game 1 saw FrUk Unleashed draft a very heavy frontline of Arthas and Johanna backed up by the poke damage of Hanzo and Lunara. Though Hots shot drafted Tychus in order to pressure they enemy frontliners, they were ultimately unable to beat the sustain of their opponent's heroes.

Game 2 featured a far less conventional draft. Responding to Hots shot's bans on Arthas and Lunara, FrUk Unleashed drafted Kerrigan and Thrall, supported by Tassadar, Tyrande and Johanna. Despite the complete lack of a ranged damage dealer, they were able to defeat the more standard composition fielded by Hots shot.

The MVP of the match was BillyTheKik for successfully playing Kerrigan as the only assassin in a composition.

Closing Remarks

There are a few interesting statistics I would like to share about Division 7 before I wrap up.

Fact #1: Greymane had a 100% winrate across 6 games during Round 1. Be careful of this werewolf.

Fact #2: 12 different healers were played during Round 1. There is a huge diversity of healers in Division 7.

Fact #3: Thrall was the most played hero with 8 games.

Thank you so much for reading.


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