Oct 21, 2018 #Rigged

Day one of the Heroes Lounge Championship for season 7 is in the books and what a day it was! Some games went as expected, some were epikk upsets. One thing is sure however, we've only got four teams left that still have a chance to claim the ultimate title of Heroes Lounge Champion and bring home the highly coveted plastic hardware. To get you excited for the very last day of season 7, we give you a closer look at the four best teams that Heroes Lounge has to offer!

Memeldors Meme Machines (9-1 during regular season, won WB round 1) vs. Project HIVE (9-1 during regular season, won WB round 1)

To be honest, there's no way to not look at both teams at the same time because there's a deep history involved. While we weren't given the treat of those teams clashing during this regular season, you may remember that this is a rematch of last season's winner bracket final (and Grand FInal at that), so it's not surprising to see them advance this far. Project HIVE have yet to drop a single map during the playoffs and have shown a wide variety of heroes, ranging from Arthas to Zagara. They even made it look easy in their winner bracket match against The Good Guys, the second place team in the regular season. The chances for Meneldor and his boys at a repeat look as good as ever, but first they have to defeat the team that is named after his evil brother: Memeldors Meme Machines. Much like Project HIVE, they've got here in style, showing very few weaknesses and looking pretty dominant in taking out The Magical Number Turtles, one of the bigger surprises coming out of the group stages. The group of savvy Heroes of the Storm veterans that have gathered around their Captain Deathknight are certainly hungry for revenge and they might very well get it, and they might get it twice as this match is very likely to get a repeat in the Grand Final once more, but let's not forget about the other two teams that made it here.

Ryzing Gaming (5-5 during regular season, won every match in the lower bracket 2-0)

If ever there was one team that made me look smart, it's Ryzing Gaming. Captain Kragoral and his Tyrande-loving boys have certainly delivered on their dark horse potential, not only finishing second in group D, but also storming through the lower bracket with convincing 2-0 victories. If you compare their series against The Magical Number Turtles for instance with the one of Memeldors Meme Machines, you'll not only find the results but also the numbers eerily similar. Does that mean they can upset the remaining teams? Well their, compared to the other remaining teams, abysmal regular season record comes from them facing an insanely tough schedule, one that also featured games against both the Meme Machines and their next opponent in epikk. While they've lost both series, they also managed to take a map off of them, showing what this team is capable of doing. To put it in perspective, that was one of only five map losses the Meme Machines endured all season. However, there's one team left that could be considered the Meme Machines kryptonite even more.

epikk (7-3 during regular season, fought through the lower bracket)

The team around Scav have somewhat flown under the radar in the group stages, losing to the Meme Machines and winning their other two matches, albeit against division 2 teams. But that only makes their first day of the tournament more remarkable as they clawed their way through what has to be considered the harder path through the loser bracket. That also means that they're the team that now make me look stupid by taking out the team that I deemed the favourites during the Draw Show, The Good Guys. They also had to take out Don Our Fedoras, who have to be considered the ultimate wild card team in Heroes Lounge and one that certainly isn't one to be taken lightly either. Those two teams aren't the only memers they were able to defeat this season, as epikk is the only squad that was able to hand Memeldors Meme Machines a defeat, 2-0 mind you. To add more incentive for tomorrow's game, they also defeated their next opponent, Ryzing Gaming, with a 2-1 to start the season. This was four month ago however, so while a lot of things (and metas) have changed since then, you can be sure that Ryzing Gaming has not forgotten.

As you can see, the fight for the crown is wide open and at this point, all of those teams have proven worthy to hoist the trophies made from only the finest plastics at some point in February of 2019 and it is almost impossible for me to predict who will come out on top this time around. Maybe you have had a lucky hand in predicting this outcome so far during our pick contest? If not, there's still other ways for you to win some fabulous prizes! You can still clip the best plays from any of the upcoming matches and hope that your clip will win the clip contest, which will then be selected by only our most experienced, trustworthy and unbayazed judges. Or you can simply click here and vote for your MVP of the tournament! The winner of the clip contest will receive a Heroes Lounge mouse pad that Undead once paid the equivalent of 300€ in Twitch-points to get. One lucky voter of the MVP award will receive a priceless and super-cute mini-sloth, knitted by the great Clairw!


Season 7 Cup Recap

Oct 15, 2018 Robb Lounge News
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