Feb 01, 2019 JoyK Weekly Recap

It's been a nice round to make a recap. So here we go round 9 for you, ladies and gents! Matches have been randomly picked for this recap.

Div 1. SFD Gaming (2th) vs. Don our Fedora’s (5th)
SFD Gaming is sitting in a pleasant spot as second of the division going up against lounge veterans Don our Fedora’s. On their first map, Cursed Hollow, Zervas was able to bring out his top-tier vikings. It’s said the man is a semi-pro in Starcraft and that should be the reason he’s so good on The Lost Vikings. They were able to end that map with a 2 level advantage.

The second map, Towers of Doom truly brought gloom to Fedora’s as this match ended with 16 kills for SFD and only 2 for the Fedora’s. SFDKupschi wanted to do a shout out to MMM for always having players available to sub in. In this match Smaragd stepped in to help them out.

Div. 2 Hold my beer (1th) vs. 4B1B (3th)
Hold my beer was a formidable opponent for 4B1B. Using their Stukov and disciplined positioning they managed to effectively rotate and zone out any danger 4B1B tried to impose throughout the match. Targetbanning 4B1B’s DPS player Insaniedi worked out well for them. Although he was able to cause some mayhem on Liming in the second match, Hold my beer was able to end that on a win aswel, showing why they convincingly hold first place in their division.

Div. 3 Heroes of Inclement Weather (8th) vs. Murder Inc.(1th)
First match in this BO3 took place on Volskaya Foundry. Murder Inc’s support Girl used Alexstrazsa to great results, in the late game being able to seemingly have Dragon Queen available all the time by getting great value out of her level 20 talent ‘On Ruby Wings’. After that the Heroes decided to play their signature dps Lucio draft, but to no avail. Losing 2-0 against Murder Inc. greatly decreases the chance for Heroes of Inclement Weather to make it into the playoffs.

Div. 4 Addicted to Champagne (11th) vs. Apapolux (15th)
Addicted to Champagne is known for their team fighting mentality. Battlefield of Eternity is a perfect map for that, which resulted into a clean first game. In game #2 they were taken by surprise by a powerful last picked Kelthuzad, but where able to bring it back in the last game on Tomb of the Spider Queen with a surprise Maiev of themselves.

Div. 5 INEqualis (5th) vs. Scrap the Meta (4th)
Scrap the meta has been bringing out drafts that scrap the meta. They have famous Gazlowe player Feisty AKA TeddyFeist on their team. bringing out Feisty’s Gazlowe (or Gazlord as some would say) on Tomb of the Spider Queen must have assured them a win in a decisive 2-0.

Div. 6 TSEA Link (2th) vs. Southgate Boiz (6th)
TSEA Link is playing their first season in the lounge, but is taking the division by storm! TSEA Link lost their first map against the Southgate Boiz, due to lack of map control in the first game. In the second game they we’re able to bring it back to 1-1 with a heavy slowing composition of Arthas, Jaina AND Lunara. The last game ended on a tight kill count of 11 kills vs 12 on Braxis Holdout.

Div. 7 Bacon Landlords (10th) vs. Stitches Booty Fanclub (9th)
Khaldor hyped Clairw’s Deckard before after a 5man ‘Stay awhile and Listen’ in an earlier match, and in the cursed hollow match that may have brought the win for Bacon Landlords. They also used DVA’s bomb to zone their enemies out and even get a few kills with it! 

Due to both role swapping and the bans that came out that game drafting became a challenge for the Bacon Landlords, which their opponents took great advantage of to assure their victory.

Overall a great week with fun matches. Playoffs are approaching fast so stay tuned for that!


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