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With only a few days left until the sign-ups for the first Division S qualifier close, we’d like to share some BIG news with you all. Starting today Heroes Lounge will partner up with Nexus Gaming Series (NGS) for Division S.

This means that NGS will be heavily involved in the running of Division S on the North American side. NGS staff will be working directly alongside the Heroes Lounge staff when it comes to league affairs, production and promotion. With NGS’ experience running a league in NA for 5 seasons (and their 6th season starting soon) they are the perfect partner to support, and staff, the NA side of Division S. We are excited to be working together and are convinced this will make sure Division S will be the best it can be.

We are excited to begin welcoming the following NGS staff members to join the existing Heroes lounge Division S staff:

Division S lead:
Heartless - Supervisor

Pittor: Chief League Operations

TyphoonHawk: League Manager EU

Borntoshine - League Manager NA

Ruini: Rules & Conducts supervisor

Wedge - Moderator NA
Bickle - Moderator NA
AorticArch - Moderator NA

Park555 - Morderator NA

Robb - Moderator EU

Penelope - Moderator EU

Phalop - Moderator EU
Dthehunter - Moderator EU 

Content / PR:
Astreaus: Chief Content

Jaxster - Editor in Chief

AugustSun - PR Manager NA

Eef - PR Manager EU

ZalzDecay - Lead developer

JscottGhost - Social media Editor

Cosmic - CEO

TinyOwl - Chief Operations

Kharis - Financial Manager

Oment - Production manager EU

For the amateur league both NGS and Heroes Lounge will keep operating independently, however, we will be looking to optimize our season schedules to minimize overlap as much as possible between the leagues to assure that teams who wish to compete in both competitions won’t have to choose.

We want to thank NGS in supporting our mission to give everyone the chance to experience the thrill of competition at their own level and creating a sustainable high-level competition for the most skilled players. If you want to support Division S yourself please join the crowdfunding of the prize pool which is currently at:


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